Are you looking for an expensive electric bike?

If so, then read my article about the best expensive electric bicycle.

You will learn about their differences, advantages, disadvantages and why you should spend some extra money on it. Before the review of the expensive ones, I will talk about some things about electric bikes in general, and hopefully, after reading this post, you will decide which expensive e-bike is the best for you.


Types Of Electric Bikes

Why Buy An Electric Bicycle?

If you are living in a big city or you want to ride over the hills and other terrains then an electric bike is a better solution than a car or a regular bike.  Although the car s faster vehicle, with e-bike you don’t have to think about the traffic and parking while going on the beach, shopping or even to work.

Car Or An E-bike?

The electric bike is cheaper than most people think because comparing it to a car’s gas rising and expensive insurance, an e-bike is still more affordable than a car and it’s getting you places in less time. It is also faster than a regular bike. It is making you more mobile and you also get some exercise.

Why Are Electric Bikes So Expensive?

Battery and motor are two core parts of e-bike that make them more expensive. These come in many different types and sizes and that complexity makes them more expensive. For example, the battery can cost more than 400 $, and since the motor is one of the main electric bike’s parts it must be strong for a better and faster ride.

The Price Range

Like every product electric bike comes with a different price. Of course, an e-bike with high-quality equipment and a lot of useful features is more expensive than one with cheaper and lower quality ones. The common price range in the market is from 400$ to 2000$, but some of them can cost even up to 8000$.

Best 5 & Most Expensive Electric Bicycle Reviews

Expensive Folding Electric Bike

LANKELEISI 26″ Fat Tire Folding Electric Bicycle

Powerful E-bike

This mountain e-bike comes in different colors so you can choose the one you want.  It can ride between 20-45KM/H by using pure electric mode and can carry you up to 55 KM. Also, it has versatile use so you can cycle on mountains, roads, snow, and beaches.

LANKELEISI 26 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bicycle

High-performance Battery

48v 10aH Panasonic lithium.ion battery comes with a standard charger. It also has designed an embedded waterproof package. The battery is hidden in the frame of the bike and it is easy to carry it or to disassemble. Also, it can be charged directly or you can remove it, and charging time takes 5-7 hours.

Material and Cycling Modes

The bike has 3 cycling modes; pure electric one, pure manpower mode, and pedal-assist mode you are free to choose. Combining all of them you will improve your riding experience. This electric bicycle has an aluminum alloy frame, wheels, handlebars, and seat tube and has fat tires. Nice design and various use methods are making it to be a critically acclaimed bike.

LANKELEISI 26 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bicycle review

Other Features

The bike is foldable so you can store it in even small rooms. Also, it has a smart 3.5-inch computer. This LCD displays your speed per hour, the distance you have ridden, and the battery remaining capacity.


  • nice design
  • smart LCD computer
  • smart charger
  • high-performance battery

Most Expensive Electric Mountain Bike

Magnum Peak  Electric  Large Capacity Mountain Bike

Powerful Build

This fast e-bike comes in simple black color. It has sturdy and sleek high-step frame aluminum alloy, Schwalbe Smart Sam tires, and the magnum peak which means more potential maintenance and wight to climb. All these features make it be a perfect fast, powerful electric mountain bike.

Magnum Peak  Electric  Large Capasity Mountain Bike

Premium-Quality Gear

It comes with premium-quality gear thanks to advanced Tekto Auriga front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, and gear system with front tektro lever with motor inhibitor placed on the right bar. Also, the stopping is easier and safer with a quick magnum peak.

Long-Lasting Battery

This long-lasting powerful  48V 13A/ 624 W Lithium battery also has the fast charging and you can fully recharge it for 6 hours and ride up to 60 miles with it. The Peak’s design seems great because the head tube is tapered for better strength and black color makes the wires blend in better. Also, the good thing is that the battery charging port is on the lower left side so it makes it easier to get to.

Magnum Peak  Electric  Large Capasity Mountain Bike review

Fast Motor

The Das Kit R4 rear hub motor powers this amazing e-bike. With it, you can easily reach the perfect speed. Also, it has the ability to witch between 500-watts and 700-watts at peak output which makes the ride more smooth and comfortable.

Monochrome LCD Display

This bright Dask Kit backlit display shows you the battery capacity and usability, your current speed, travel, and riding time.  It is placed close to the left grip where you can reach it with ease. Also, you don’t have to worry about the weather, because the display is glare resistant and you can read it with no problem.  The display looks pretty nice but it is not removable. You can adjust the angle and put something over it when it is parked, but in the case of a fall could be vulnerable.


  • powerful build
  • long-lasting battery
  • premium-quality gear
  • LCD display

Expensive Fat Tire Electric Bike

GUOWEI Rich BIT RT-016 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

Humanized Light Design

This electric mountain bike weights 28 kgs and comes in different colors. It has a humanized indicator light design which means it is equipped with a complete lighting system, has even a taillight and turn signals. All there features are making your ride more secure and safe even in the evenings.

GUOWEI Rich BIT RT-016 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

Made Of Strong Material

It has an alloy aluminum frame which is heat-treated, 31.8 mm aluminum anodized handlebar, and alloy aluminum matt black 30m Seatpost. All these features provide the strength and hardness which are based on its strong processing property, and very good anti-oxidation effect so you can drive it or store it outside even in bad weather. Also, the corrosion resistance is improved and the shape of the frame is more stable.

Motor And Battery

This e-bike comes with a 48v*500W brushless motor and 48V*8AH LG lithium-ion battery cell and it has EU standard 2.1 Charger. You can ride in any environment, without worrying about the weather with the speed up to 35km/h and range distance up to 45 km.

GUOWEI Rich BIT RT-016 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike review

Smart LCD Screen

Like some of the listed e-bikes, this one also comes with an LCD screen. This one is a bit improved. Although it has a  usual instant display of the speed, single and total mileage, it also has power-assisted gear adjustment, battery display ad motor power.

Fat Tires and 3 Riding Modes

This mountain electric bicycle comes with Chaoyang 20*4.0 fat tyre and 3 riding modes such as pedal mode, electric mode, and pedal-assist mode. With those, you can switch the riding mode and boost your riding experience. The fat tire provides more stability and safety.


  • humanized indicator light design
  • strong material
  • smart screen
  • 3 riding modes

Expensive Electric Foldable Bicycle

Extrbici Electric Wheels Folding Bike

Black&Yellow Design

This small e-bike comes in pretty and black-yellow design. It can carry up to 100kgs and is suitable for people with height up to 185cm. It is made of 6061 aluminum alloy frame and aluminum handlebar/sitting tube. It has 3 spoke wheels which means they can carry incredible loads, they are also lighter than any other type of wheel and more elastic.

Extrbici Electric Wheels Folding  Bike

Riding Experience

The bike powers 48V 500W brushless three-pole one motor and 48V lithium battery. It takes 6- 7 hours to be fully charged and you can reach up to 35km/h while riding. With a simple press of a thumb throttle, you can choose your riding type and make minimal-effort cycling with electric pedal assist.

LCD Display

It is very suitable for you to know your bike by having a LED display. This multi-function smart meter shows you your speed, the riding distance, PAS level, trip distance, and battery level.

Extrbici Electric Wheels Folding  Bike review

Other Configuration

Extrbici Electric bike is small and foldable which is less-space consuming and you can store it in small rooms or even into the trunk of your car.  The handlebar/sitting tube is made of aluminum and the seat is adjustable. 7-speed transmission system is more durable, and because of more sensitive disc brakes, the reduce the braking distance is more effective. Also, the upgraded 4 led lamp is making your night ride safer. It is lower power consumption than general headlights, and illumination distance can reach more than 10 meters.


  • small and foldable
  • strong LED lamp
  • LCD display
  • nice design

Expensive Heavy-Duty Electric Bike

W WALLKE X3 Por 26-inch Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

Folding Desing

The Wallke electric bike comes in matt green, black and gray color, and stands out because it can be folded away. Even foldable, this bike is designed to get you on all terrains such as snow, sand, or mud.  It is made of 100% aluminum alloy, including pedals and cranks.  It also comes with leather handles and silicone seats for more comfort.

W WALLKE X3 Por 26-inch Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

Motor And Battery

This e-bike is equipped with a 750w brushless motor and a large capacity Samsung lithium battery placed inside the frame. Charging time is 5-7 hours and you can choose your riding speed by using level 1, 2, or 3. The maximum speed you can reach is 28MPH and it can take you up to 35 miles.

Brake System

It has double hydraulic disc brakes which quality is better than ordinary brakes on the market and with shock absorber type of the fork they will help you to ride safer and more comfortable on a mountain or muddy road.

W WALLKE X3 Por 26-inch Fat Tire Electric Bicycle review

Transmission System

It has an 8-speed shifting system and you can choose between riding modes. The high-speed drivetrain will get you over the hills with more ease, and pedal-assist will give you more range without any sweat.

Other Features

This bike comes with a large LCD full-color display which allows you to see the riding range, distance, and speed and battery power. The dashboard has a USB port so you can even charge your mobile phone.


  • good disc brakes
  • folding
  • 8-speed transmission system
  • LCD color display and USB port

Conclusion: Which Two Best Expensive Electric Bicycles You Should Buy?

Even listed electric bikes are more expensive, when you compare quality and quantity, you will notice that an electric bike is a good investment, especially if you live in the hills or in a big city. If you want a small electric bike I would recommend Extrbici Electric bike which you can easily fold and put anywhere you want when you are not using it. It has a more durable transmission system and upgraded 4led lamp which improves your night riding. The second option is the Lankeleisi fat tire e-bike which supports more than 150 kgs. It has a high-performance battery and it gives you the possibility to ride fast up to 55KM. It also has a smart LCD computer and smart charger which makes controlling the bike easier.

If you think these are too expensive electric bicycles for you, check my other post about the affordable e-bikesor if you are a hard-core rider, read my other post about the most powerful electric bikes. But, if you want to check out a small guide bout electric bikes, read my post about best e-bikes on the market.