Are you looking for a 750w electric bike?

If so, then read this article about the best 750-watt electric bicycles. Before the review of the top 5 e-bikes I will tell you more about the watt rating on e-bikes, how much you can u travel, how fast, what features they have, and some other useful information that will help you decide which one is the best choice for you.


Things To Know About The 750-w Electric Bikes

What Is Watt Rating On E-bike?

The watt rating on electric bikes describes how much energy a motor can handle while riding on the road or climbing a steep hill. Even the amount of power that bike can offer also depends on the other e-bike configurations.

Different Bikes Wattage

There are a few different wattage of the bike. The most common one is the 250-w bike which is the best for city rides and older people. 350w and 500w- e-bikes offer more power for climbing on the rougher terrains and mountain. The 750w offer even more power but they cost more and require a bigger battery.

750-Watt Electic Bike Features

The 750-w e-bike usually can pull up the speed of 32kmh and they are often used in mountain and all-terrain electric bikes that need more power to climb up over the hills or rough terrain. They are usually combined with 48v batteries. Although the 500w motor should offer a decent climbing power, some people rather spend a few hundred more to get a 750w electric bike.

Where To Buy 750-Watt Bike

Since the 740-w electric bikes require more powerfully battery and have generally better performance they might be more expensive than the 250 or 350-w electric bikes. You can find them on the webshops such as Amazon, Walmart, E-bay, AliiExpress, and others, for the price range between and.

5 Best 750-Watt Electric Bicycles  Review

Best 750-W Affordable Electric Bike

DJ Super Bike 750W 48V 13Ah Power Electric Bicycle

All-purpose Electric Bike

This all-purpose electric bike comes in simple black color and is made of high-quality mainstream components. It has a stainless aluminum frame, aluminum integrated wheel, and custom made cushion saddle for more comfort. This bike weighs 32 kg and is powerful, quiet, and easy to use.

DJ Super Bike 750W 48V 13Ah Power Electric Bicycle

Motor And Battery

This electric bike has Jiabo brushless 750w motor extending to 1000w peak power motor and Samsung lithium 48V 13Ah dismountable with key lock. With those you can travel at speed of 32km/h.

Safe Riding

The bike performs perfectly on the light off-road trails or trought the city thanks to suspension to absorb shock and integrated headlight for safer night riding. With those features this is the bike built for everyone no matter if you are a commuter, senior or casual rider.

DJ Super Bike 750W 48V 13Ah Power Electric Bicycle review

Other Features

This bike has extra-large comfortable banana cushion saddle and all-purpose tires.  It also carries a large LCD display with 5 assists that show you useful vehicle information such as battery and speed.


  • safe riding
  • all-purpose electric bike
  • display
  • comfortable banana saddle

Best 750-W Folding Electric Bike

Mukkpet YAMEE 48V 750W Electric Bike

Strong Design

This electric bike comes in green color and uses a 202% aluminum alloy frame, electrostatic baking varnish, and hydroforming technology. Thanks to these materials and technologies this bike is both light and strong.

Mukkpet Folding Electric Bike 750W 48V

Removable Battery And Motor

The bike is equipped with a 48V 13Ah removable battery,750W hub motor, and intelligent LCD and controller that make the electronic system of the electric bicycle. Those High-quality components are providing excellent quality performance. With those you can reach up to  32mph

Riding Modes

The bikes have 3 levels of PAS(pedal assistance system) and up to 40miles range and a Shimano 7-Speed classic transmission system which increases hill-climbing power and has great terrain adaptability. You can choose between three working modes: E-Bike & PAS & Normal bike. Also combining all of them will increase your riding experience.

Mukkpet Folding Electric Bike 750W 48V review
Other Features

The electric bike is equipped with an intelligent LCD that shows battery indicator, speed value, PAS level, and OAD mileage. It comes with front headlight for safer riding at night. The bike also has 20inch fat tires that are made to drive on all-terrain such as wet stone, beach, sand, etc.


  • light and strong material
  • 3 riding modes and 3 levels of PAS
  • intelligent  display
  • headlight
  • fat tires

Best 750-W Mountain Electric Bike

SDU Folding Electric Bike SDREAM

Foldable Compact Design

This electric bike comes in dark gray color and has a foldable minimalist-shape. That means you can store it anywhere when not riding it and it will take less space. Top-quality components are designed with a smart computer unit.

SDU Folding Electric Bike SDREAM

Powerfully Performance

The bike can ride up to 50 miles thanks to 750w electric motor and 7-speed gear shifter. The 48V/10.4Ah 500Wh battery with Samsung cells is perfectly hidden in the frame to ensure the safety of the electrical system. It is removable and can be charged on or off the bike. It takes up to 5 hours or battery to fully charged.

Safe Traveling

The front and rear Tektro disc brakes and fat tires with aluminum alloy wheels will take you to a safer and stronger ride on most extreme terrains. With pedal speed sensor and twist-grip throttle you will easily adjust assistance levels according to your needs.

SDU Folding Electric Bike SDREAM review

Other Features

This 750-watt electric bike has a compact design and you can fold it in 3 easy steps. Also there is a display to help you ride better and safer with useful information about the vehicle, and there is an adjustable handlebar and seat height that fits perfectly your ideal ergonomic position.


  • foldable and compact
  • strong performance
  • pedal assist sensor
  • display

Best 750-W Electric Road Bike

AOSTIRMOTOR 750W Electric Mountain Bike

Simple Design

This off-road electric bikes come black and orange color combination. It is made of a durable 6061 aluminum alloy frame and aluminum suspension fork. It can load max weight up to 300 lbs and it is made for people 5’4-6’5 in height.

Aostirmotor Electric Bike

Motor And Battery

This bike is equipped with 750W rear brushless hub motor and with it can ride up to 25mph. With SHIMANO Outer 7 speed gear you can choose any speed you want to complete your journey. The bike comes with 48V 13Ah lithium battery which is lightweight and long-lasting. It is placed on the frame of the bike and you a ride up to 43.5 miles range per one charge.

SW-U-LCD Display

The bike comes with a LCD display where you can read all informations you need to know when riding. You can see the power, the speed and you can even use it to charge your phone thanks to the USB port.

Aostirmotor Electric Bike Review

Other Features

This electric bike comes with anti-slip wear resistant tires so you can ride it on any terrain. It also has a rear shelf, adjustable seat and a light so you can see what is in front of you.


  • anti-slip wear resistant tires
  • long-lasting battery
  • LCD display
  • strong headlight

Best 750-W Electric Assist Bike

Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bicycle Fat Tire 750W

Retro Design

This mountain electric bike is ideal for larger riders since its can carry weight up to 300lbs. It is made of aluminum alloy frame and has a water-resistant connector and wiring harness. The bike comes in gray color with orange details.

Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bicycle Fat Tire

Motor And Battery

The bike is equipped with 750w brushless rear hub motor and Panasonic 48V*12.8AH Battery with a smart charger. It takes 4-5 hours for the battery to be fully charged and can take u up to 55 miles using pedal assist. Top speed is set to 23mph.


This Addmotor Motan 750w electric bike is equipped with LCD display that shows you all the informations you need to know about the vehicle. You can read battery status, PAS level, current speed, etc. With it you will have more secure riding.

Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bicycle Fat Tire 750W REview

Strong And Comfortable

This bike has a strong and comfortable design. It has a comfortable seat, and with fat tires and mechanical alloy disc brake provides safe stoping and riding. Also there is a front and rear light so you can see and be visible to others.


  • fat tires
  • strong and comfortable
  • front and rear light
  • LCD display

Conclusion: What Are Two Best 750w Electric Bikes You Should Buy?

The 750w electric bike can take you pretty much anywhere with a decent speed and it is hard to decide which one is the best, but I would recommend the Mukkpet Yamee electric bike and SDU folding electric bike. Mukkpet electric bike comes with a strong frame and hydroforming technology. It has high-quality components, LCD, and 3 levels of PAS. Also, there is a headlight that allows you to ride in the evening. Sdu electric bike is foldable which means you can store it anywhere. It is also made of top-quality components wit ha smart computer unit. Thanks to battery and strong motor it has hood performance on any kind of road.

If you want to learn more about the best modes on the market read this article about electric bikes for sale. If you are interested in 1000W electric bikes than read this post about the best 1000w electric bicycles. But, if the type of electric bike you need is for city ride, read this article about the best commuter electric bikes.