Are you looking for a three-wheeler fat tire electric bike in 2022?

Most riders find the electric tricycles highly convenient and a fun means of transportation. As such, fat tire electric trikes offer you all the benefits that a two-wheel fat tire ebike offer, especially if you’re considering stability and the environmentally friendly power it delivers. That makes trikes easy to ride, especially for people with any kind of limited physicality. The natural feel, effortless transportation, along with electric assistance are reasons why electric tricycles are preferred over traditional ebikes. To learn more about fat tire electric trikes and make an informed purchase, keep reading our guide.


How to Find the Best Fat Tire Electric Tricycle (Trike)?

What’s an Electric Fat Tire Trike?

An electric fat tire tricycle has three wheels. These pedal-propelled vehicles have tires with a width larger than 3.8 inches. With the extra surface space, you’ll have better traction with more stability while riding. Trikes are easy to ride, thus giving you a stress-free experience for enjoyable rides and not having to worry about the conditions and terrain. To ensure you find the right bike for you, start by considering how you plan to use the bike.

The Electric Trike Types

Fat tire trikes are an innovative alternative that gives you the stability and traction that you need. When you’re shopping for a tricycle, you can get the recumbent trike that works well for relieving and even preventing back pain thanks to the position you’ll be holding your body in. Also, you can opt for the upright tricycles that allow riders to mount and dismount through the step-through frame. Finally, you can opt for the cargo tricycles (freight tricycle) that allows you to carry loads from one location to another.

Battery power

The battery power is among the most important features you should consider when shopping for a tricycle. Most e-trikes have batteries attached right behind the seat, a feature that gives them more room to go large. Even then, battery life can be limiting, but this depends on the distance covered per ride. Overall, a lithium-ion battery gives you more value over time for your money.

Cargo space

As you look for electric tricycles, it’s crucial that you consider how you’ll be using your trike – and whether you will need more cargo space. Also, having more than one large cargo basket for carrying all items will determine whether your electric tricycle will benefit you in your day-to-day. Options of cargo space range from large rear baskets to small front-mounted baskets and even fully enclosed boxes. An extra feature worth considering is waterproof bags or coverage attached to your storage baskets.

Tricycle construction

Steel is often used in making bicycle frames because it’s relatively inexpensive and strong. Also, Aluminum makes a suitable material for bike frames since its lighter and doesn’t rust. In addition, aluminum makes better quality trikes. While it’s not as tough when compared to steel, this reduces maximum carrying capacity. However, this material can still handle 250 pounds loads. In some instance, Titanium is used in bike making since it’s as strong as steel and light as aluminum but it’s extremely expensive.

Best 5 Fat Tire Electric Tricycles (Trikes)

Best Fat Tire Electric Trike for Adults


Tire design

The Burch fat tire tricycle features a sleek design with fat tires that let you maneuver different terrains. The fat tires ensure that you enjoy a smooth ride through grass, sand, and even over bumps. The Burch bike features three 20-inch Kenda fat tires that allow you to travel on city streets, beaches, some trails, and even on a golf course. This gives you more variety in all your outdoor adventures.


Large front and rear bins

The oversized front and rear bins make this bike perfect for storing your shopping, groceries, or giving your pet a ride. This makes your trips easier and convenient. Its front basket provides you with more spaces to carry more items. Plus, you can easily take out items from your front basket even while riding, which makes your trip go without a glitch.

Powerful battery

The Burch electric trike is fitted with a motor that’s powered by a 48-volt battery and generates 500W of power. That lets you carry any items you need in the cargo area and you won’t be losing much power. This bike’s max speed is 20 mph. In addition, this e-trike’s range is 35 miles and can take 4-6 hours to fully recharge the battery.



The three wheels of this bike provide lots of stability helping keep you safe. Also, the 6061 Aluminum alloy frame is durable. You’ll also have a comfortable ride due to the bike’s front suspension fork which features 80 mm of travel. This bike also includes lights that help keep you safe if traveling at night. Overall, the Burch bike offers more than what most people need in an e-trike. While it will meet the needs of most riders, it works great for senior citizens.


  • Front and rear cargo baskets
  • 500-Watt motor
  • 35 Mile Range (Pedal Assist Mode)
  • 23MPH Max Speed
  • 20-inch Wheel Size
  • Dual Suspension Type

Best Recumbent Fat Tire Electric Trike


Frame and weight

The M-360 three-wheel electric tricycle comes in a single frame size and available in two different colors — orange and lime green. The MOTAN M-360 weighs about 125 pounds with a longer frame. The longer frame makes it easy for riders to better handle and control the trike throughout the journey This ADDMOTOR M-360 load capacity is 350 pounds for a rider, plus an additional 100 pounds for the rear rack.


High-capacity removable battery

The trike uses a 48-volt system with a 17.5 Ah battery to travel a max speed of 55mph when using pedal assist. This bike’s battery can be found on the downtube right beneath the saddle. This positioning helps maintain a lower center of gravity and the bike’s weight well balanced. In addition, the battery is removable and allows locking, which makes charging it easier.

750W Front-Mounted Motor

The M-360 has a Bafang hub motor located in the front wheel and can generate continuous 750W of power. This bike can generate peak power of over 1,000 watts for quicker acceleration and hill climbs. Its motor provides 80 Newton meters torque that helps in accelerating as well as climbing hills. This also comes in handy when traveling in sandy and muddy trails. That makes this bike suitable for beach trips.


Tektro mechanical disc Brakes

The M-360 electric bike features Tektro mechanical disc brakes alongside a 180 mm rotor located in the front while both rear wheels have 160 mm rotors. These brakes allow for ample stopping power. Since each rear wheel comes with its brake, you’ll have well-balanced braking and the trike won’t pull to either side as you slow to a stop. Also, the brake levers include motor inhibitors that instantaneously cut power to your motor every time they are depressed, which ensures the shortest stopping distance possible.


  • Bafang front brushless hub motor
  • High-capacity removable battery
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes
  • 750w front-mounted motor

Best Mountain Fat Tire Electric Trike


Larger capacity removable battery

The DWMEIGI MG1703 electric fat tire tricycle is fitted with a 48V/18.2AH removable lithium battery. This battery lets you reach a longer range of maximum 45 miles per single charge when running on pure electric mode and even longer range if using PAS (Pedal Assist System) mode. With the PAS mode, pedaling is easier since the motor is turned on. To fully charge the battery takes 4 to 5 hours thanks to a 48V/3AMP super charger. This allows the trike to easily ride in different terrains and enjoy cycling at any time.


Bafang motor and 7 gear Shimano shifter

This 3-wheel e-bike includes 750W BAFANG high-speed brushless motor which delivers strong power with maximum torque 80NM. This bike’s switching gears for different roads make traveling easier while saving energy. The 7-speed SHIMANO Shifter kicks in for both pedal assist and electric modes. The MG1703 is fitted with rear rack and fenders and can run easily in different terrains.

Sturdy step-through frame

This is another important feature you should consider before buying an adult tricycle. This trike has a carbon frame step-through frame that ensures you don’t have to lift your leg too high over the seat or bar to mount or dismount the bike. You simply need to “step through” the trike’s frame and easily have your foot on either side of your trike. Its unique design is more comfortable and can easily ride through muddy trails, wet stones, beaches and even snowy mountains.


Large-size basket with waterproof bag

The DWMEIGI 3-wheel e-bike come with a 58L big storage basket. This works well whether you plan to go shopping, fishing, camping or are travelling. What’s more, the large baskets let you take your favorite pets with you everywhere you go. Another advantageous feature included in this trike is a waterproof bag to keep your shopping or items protected from the elements.


  • Shimano 7 speed shifter
  • Front suspension type
  • Steel frame
  • 48V detachable lithium battery
  • Low-step frame
  • Bafang front hub motor

Best Addmotor Fat Tire Trike


Powerful 750W brushless motor

The AddMotoR M-350 P7 includes a Bafang motor located at the front wheel. With this, your e-trike can generate continuous power of 750-watt and even reach peak power of 1,000 watts. With its 80 Newton meter hub motor you’ll enjoy quicker acceleration, easier hill climbs, and even trips through sandy and muddy trails. With its cadence sensing pedal-assist along with the half grip twist throttle, this trike can help you easily journey through most rugged terrains.


High-Capacity removable 48V battery

The M-350 P7 trike is powered by a 48-volt/16-Ah high-capacity Panasonic battery to cover approximately 45 to 55 miles distance with level-1 pedal assist. This battery is found behind the seat, and this helps balance your bike considering the motor is located on its front wheel. The removable battery allows for easy recharge or storage. What’s more, it locks on the frame ensuring that it remains secure when you’re riding. The time needed to recharge your battery will depend on its status but full recharge typically takes 6 to 7 hours.

Excellent brakes

This tricycle features Tektro mechanical disc brakes fitted with motor inhibitors. The 80mm rotor in the front wheel with one 160 mm you can easily control your three-wheel bike. Its brakes deliver you good stopping power, as the motor power gets cut once you depress the levers thus reducing the stopping distance. this is a crucial factor, especially for a trike like the MOTAN that’s fitted with a powerful machine that can haul a lot of weight.


Large capacity front and rear basket

The M-350 P7 trike offers you great support and the basket can carry heavy loads of max 100 pounds. The rear basket has a vinyl cover and with a smaller front bin. These helps make your trips even more convenient. The front bin offers you more room to carry more items, and it allows you to easily take items from the basket while riding.


  • 24-inch wheel size
  • Front and rear suspension
  • 7 Speeds trike
  • Disc brake style
  • Large capacity cargo basket
  • Front-wheel brakes

Best Fat Tire Electric Trike by Emojo


Efficient and removable lithium-ion battery

Powering the trike is a high-capacity Lithium-ion battery that’s latched behind the seat post. It’s also easy to remove the battery which allows for remote charging. Also, this lithium-ion battery includes a type-A USB charging port and lets you recharge the devices. When fully charged, this 48V/15.6Ah powerful battery can run for a maximum of 35 miles per single charge, thus letting you focus on having fun.


Three riding modes

You can use the Caddy Pro as a normal three-wheel bike where you’ll provide all the power. Again, you can choose to use the throttle allowing your bike to do all the work. Also, there’s the Pedal Assist option, which lets you pedal and at the same time, the motor provides a major boost. Overall, you can select the right level that works for your riding type making your journey more fun and effortless.

Step-through frame

The Caddy Pro’s step-through or low-step frame allows you to easily step in or out of the bike. Most people think that the step-through bikes are for women only, however, they work well for any user. One advantage of this frame is that it’s more comfortable and easier to get on your bike. The step-through frame allows your feet to easily touch the ground, therefore, you won’t have to worry about losing your balance or even falling when trying to mount it.


Sturdy design & construction

One feature you’ll notice with this bike is its incredibly robust chunky tires. Due to their size, the tires can safely ride through different terrains, from wide trails, city streets and even beaches. The Caddy Pro is housed in a sturdy aluminum alloy frame and offers you high efficiency features. The bike’s max load capacity is 320 pounds, which means it’s perfect for heavy and tall users.


  • Durable Aluminum frame
  • 500W motor
  • 48V lithium-ion battery
  • Pedal assist & throttle
  • 3 riding modes
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • 7-speed gearing

Conclusion: Which Fat Tire Electric Tricycle (Trike) is Best For You?

While the best e-trike for you will depend on your needs, we feel the best adult fat tire electric trike is the Addmotor 750W With Cargo Basket . This motorized electric tricycle is good for riders who need a higher carrying capacity Also, if you’re seeking the best smooth and efficient ride, then EMOJO Heavy Duty Cargo Trike is the best e-trike to get. It comes with large baskets that make your riding experience easy plus it can carry a lot of weight.

If you want to make your riding effortless, then check out our reviews on the Best Electric Trikes for Adults . Since these e-bikes come with various features, it’s important that you know the purpose of your bike. Also, if you want more stability and safety while riding, then check out our article on the Best Fat Tire E-bike for more information. If you aren’t sure about which trike to get, check out more ebikes reviews on our Top 25 Electric bikes guide.