Are you a fan of mid-drive electric bikes?

There are certain advantages and benefits of having a mid-drive e-bike and in this article, you will learn what are those and how to choose the best bike for you.  You will also read the reviews of the best mid-drive electric bikes that you can find on the market.


Buying Guide For Mid Motor E-bikes

Why Choose A Mid-Drive E-Bike?

Mid-drive motors give you better performance and that is the main reason why you should consider getting a mid-drive e-bike. They are placed on the middle tube, next to the pedals which can be nicely incorporated in the design of the bike. Because of such placement and thanks to the sensors built in it, it can quickly address the need to help you pedal and automatically turn on assist mode.

Benefits Of Mid Motor E-bikes

The most popular benefit of the mid-drive motors is the fact that the bike will give you a smooth and powerful performance. They can be more expensive but in the end, they are worth it. These motors can give you a special boost when you are going uphill because it is directly connected to the pedals. This is because they often use torque sensors in the pedal-assist mode.

Electric Bike Categories

There is one more thing you have to keep in mind regarding motors. Those are the bike classes that come in three categories. Class 1 are bikes that only have paddle-assist mode up to 20 mph. Class 2 bikes also have a throttle function and class 3 bikes have a motor up to 750W of power. The license that you need to have depends on the class of the bike.

Types Of Mid-Drive Electric Bikes

Now that you decided on the motor that you want, you need to decide on the type of bike that you want. This depends on your personal preferences. You can choose from a mountain bike, road bike, commuter bike, fat tire bike, foldable bike, and many others. You should take into consideration what type of biker you are and make the proper decision.

Battery Characteristics

One more part of the bike that you need to check out before purchasing is the battery. The battery capacity will determine how far and for how long you can ride. Some batteries are removable and some can be removed with tools. This affects the way you charge the bike.

Best 5 Mid-Drive Electric Bicycles

Best Mid-drive Folding Electric Bike

Runner X Electric Bike

Folding Feature

This practical and simply designed bike has an aluminum alloy frame which is lightweight and durable. You can easily fold it and carry it with you. The folding feature also helps you to store the bike in the garage, put it in the car, or transport it in some other way. When it is folded the bike is 39 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 26 inches high.

Runner X Electric Bike

Powerful Performance

Although small, this is a powerful e-bike. It has a mid-drive motor of 500 W power that will give you a much-needed boost on the uphill trails. It can go up to 20 mph when you are using a combination of pedaling and motor power.

Professional Fat Tire

This mid-drive electric bike has fat tires that are 20 x 4 inches. They are suitable for off-road rides because of the great traction, grip, and shock absorption. Because of these tires, you can use this bike on the beach, muddy roads, snow, and in other weather and road situations.

Runner X Electric Bike review

Speed Choice And Brakes

There are 7 different speeds that you can adjust according to the road conditions. For safety, this bike has dual Tektro disc brakes which are made to last for a long time because they don’t wear out on the tires. With this combination, you can concern any road you like.

Bike And Battery Size

The battery capacity on this bike is 36 V/10.4 Ah. It takes about 4 to 6 hours to fully charge it and it can take you up to 30 miles. The overall dimensions of the bike are 67 inches in length, 24 inches in width, and 45 inches in height.


  • Powerful electric motor
  • Dual Tektroo disc brakes
  •  7–speed gearing
  • Max load capacity is up to 230 pounds
  • Foldable design

Best Mid-drive Fat Tire E-Bike

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike

Maximum Speed Specs

This bike can go 20 mph which is great for a simple electric bike like this. On the purely electric mode, you can ride with it up to 19 miles. The bike weighs 58 pounds and it can hold up to 260 pounds. You can choose pedal assist and walk-assist mode if you want to save on the battery life. It has a mechanical braking system for a secure ride.

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike

Brushless Motor Power

The bike has a powerful brushless motor of 500 W that can speed up to 23 mph. It is powered with a lithium-ion battery of 36 V and it comes with a smart battery charger. The battery is removable so you can take it with you and charge it wherever you are. The bike comes with battery and power lock function.

Ergonomic Design

This mid-drive e-bike comes almost fully assembled (90%). For the minor details you have to do, you will get everything in the package. You can also adjust the seat and handlebar so you get the most comfortable e-bike you can have. It is a comfortable bike that can take you wherever you want to go.

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike review

Fat Tires Characteristics

The tires on this bike are 26 x 4 inches which makes them fat tires. They are made to fit perfectly on any road and they are durable. You can feel safe, balanced, and stable while on this bike. The tires are also coated with anti-slip protection for better balance on the wet and muddy surfaces.

Dimensions Of The Bike

The width between the head tube on the frame and seat cushion is 22.2 inches and the length of the middle tube is 19.3 inches. The bike is 74.3 inches long and the distance from wheel to wheel is 45.2 inches. The height of the handlebar is 39.8 inches and from the bottom to the seat cushion is you can adjust the height from 36.2 to 42.1 inches.


  • Removable lithium battery
  • Anti-skidding tire
  • Disc brakes
  • 26” alloy frame

Best Mid-drive Electric Mountain Bike

Grace MX II Trail Electric Mountain Bike

Lightweight Frame

This bike has a frame made of lightweight yet durable and strong aluminum. It is a 20” frame and it stands on a Rock Shox Sector Gold Suspension Fork. It also has a lockout function and it comes in black color so that it suits everybody.

Grace MX II Trail Electric Mountain Bike

Motor Performance

This bike has integrated one of the best motors for an electric bike you can find on the market. It is a Boch motor that can speed up to 28 mph. It is a Generation II motor that you can adjust to four different settings. It has 350 W and a maximum of 60 Nm torque.

Comfortable Features

This mid-motor electric bike has Ergon MTB Seat that will offer you support and stability on any occasion. It has installed Avid Elixir 5 brakes for great safety and braking performance. The entire cockpit is made from aluminum. It is a durable and stylish electric bike.

Grace MX II Trail Electric Mountain Bike review

Battery Life

To be able to perform perfectly in any situation, the bike is equipped with a battery that works on 36 V /11 Ah. It has a capacity of 400 Wh and it is a high-quality lithium-ion battery that needs 3.5 hours to be fully charged. With this equipment, you can ride from 35 to 65 miles.

Headlight And Display

To make the riding more user-friendly, the bike has Lumotec headlight and taillight. It also has a double leg kickstand and mirror. The display is on the handrail and it tells you the speed, assist level, battery voltage, odometer, clock, range, and many other things.


  • Internal cable housing
  • Double lek kickstand
  • Bosh power pack

Best Affordable Mid-drive E-bike

Kemanner Electric Bike

Three Riding Modes

You can adjust the bike and choose between three different riding modes. You can use the bike without any electrical power for full exercise, you can turn on the assist mode that can give you additional power when you need it, or you can go in full electric mode for a more relaxed ride.

Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike

Motor Capabilities

The bike has a mechanical brake in front and rear disc brake. It is designed with a 21-speed transmission system and it has a motor of 250 W. The motor can achieve the speed up to 15 to 21.5 mph. With these specifications, this is a perfect bike if you need to conquer a few steep hills.

Large Capacity Battery

This bike is powered by the 36 V/8 Ah lithium battery. With this capacity, it can take you up to 15.5 miles, or even 3 miles if you are using just assisted mode. The bike comes with a smart charger and it takes about 4 to 6 hours fo battery to be fully charged.

Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike review

Industrial Alloy Aluminum Frame

This affordable mid-drive electric bike is practical and easy because it is also made of lightweight aluminum. The frame is coated with anti-rust paint so that you can ride it in the rain without worry. The damping fork is made of high carbon.

Overall Size Of The Bike

The tires on this bike are 26 inches. The height from the bottom to the saddle is 33.2 inches and the handrail is 39 inches. The overall length of the bike is 68.5 inches.


  • Folding design
  • 21- speed system
  • Included smart charger
  • Ultra-strong wheels

Best 500W Mid-drive Electric Bike

ANCHEER 500W Electric Bike

500 W Powerful Motor

This is the most powerful bike you can find on this list. It is a mountain mid-drive e-bike that has a powerful 500 W brushless motor. It can produce enough power for your daily commute and to take you on an adventure in the mountains. The maximum speed of this bike is 20 mph.

ANCHEER Adult Electric Mountain Bike

Removable Lithium Battery

The battery on this bike is 12.5 Ah. It is a large lithium-ion battery that can take you up to 40 miles for only one charge. Because the battery is removable you can leave it for the charge on the bike or you can take it with you and charge it wherever you are.

Adjusting Features

You can adjust the length of the stem and the angle of the handlebar. The seat of the bike can also be adjusted in height. All of these adjustments will make this bike more comfortable for you. It can adapt to your needs in just a few minutes.

ANCHEER Adult Electric Mountain Bike review

Working Modes

Like on many other e-bikes, this one also has three different working modes. The E-bike mode is a full electrical mode. The assisted mode you can use if you need a little push on the demanding paths or you can go with a normal mode which turns off all of the electrical power of the bike.


  • Strong 500 W motor
  • Large capacity battery
  • Max load capacity up to 20 mph
  • Aluminum pedals
  • Weighs 50 pounds

Conclusion: Which Mid-drive Electric Bike Is Your Best?

There are certain advantages to mid-drive e-bikes and when you are happy with that choice you want only the best in that branch. The best mid-drive electric bike you can go for is Runner X Electric Bike because it is foldable and you can easily carry it with you. Another great option is the ANCHEER 500W Electric Bike because of the powerful motor and large battery.

If you need more information about electric bikes you are welcome to read the article about electric bikes for sale. There is also a post about semi-recumbent electric bikes that offer you a different experience. Learn more in the reviews of the electric commuter bikes.