Are you looking for an electric bike that you can ride on any kind of terrain?

If so, read my article about the best All-terrain electric mountain bikes. Before the review, you will read why are those e-bikes so popular these days, their specifications and abilities. You will read where you can ride them and hopefully, that will help you decide which electric bike is the best for you.


Things To Know About The All-Terrain Electric Bikes

Growing on Popularity

All-terrain electric bikes are becoming very popular these days because of the versatile e-bike use that can tackle any landscape thanks to powerful motors, stable design, fatter tires, and other features. An all-terrain electric bike is delivering a comfortable electric bike you can ride anywhere in a variety of weather conditions such as snow, beach, mountain roads, and many more.

Fat Tires For More Stable Ride

Many off-terrain e-bike come with fat tires since they offer beginners balance and more stability and you can ride anywhere in any weather. Fat tires also can carry up to 300 pounds of weight which allows you to carry gear with you. Fat tire electric bike has the support, versatility, and capabilities anywhere you want to go.

Using An E-bike For Hunting

Hunting and fishing are two of the most exciting outdoor activities and they can also require much more patience and strategy. The electric bikes for hunting should have space and capability to carry gear and equipment and have quite motor.

Riding An E-Bike On The Beach Or Snow

Riding on the beach or snow requires a little more push than a light pedal and you’ll need a higher tire pressure. The larger tires are making e-bike to make more contact with the surface and provide more stable riding.

Best 5 All-Terrain & Mountain Electric Bikes Review

Best All-Terrain Electric Mountain Bike

Aostirmotor Electric Mountain Bike

Interesting Design

This electric bike has an interesting colorful design and is made of light and strong aluminum alloy frame. The bike is suitable for people 5’4-6’5 in height and can carry up to 300 lbs of weight.

Aostirmotor Electric Mountain Bike

Working Modes

The bike comes with anti-slip wear-resistant tires which are providing great traction on and off the road. The bike has 3 working modes. You can choose between e-bike, pedal-assist, and normal pedal mode. Combining all of them will increase your riding experience.

Strong Motor And Samsung Battery

The bike is equipped with a strong 500w motor and 48v 10Ah high-performance lithium battery. With those, you can ride up at the speed of 25mph in a range up to 43 miles. The battery can be fully charger for 4-6 hours.

Aostirmotor Electric Mountain Bike review

Other Features

The bike is equipped with front and rear disc brake, Shimano Outer 7 speed,multi-functional display that shows much information about the bike such as power, speed, motor, and speed power adjustment.


  • lightweight design
  • powerful motor and battery
  • display
  • 3 working modes

Best All-Terrain Electric Assist Bike

Addmotor Adult Electric Mountain Bike

Simple Design

This electric bike comes in grey design with orange lines. With a high-quality aluminum alloy frame can take heavy weights up to300 lbs and it is designed to fit the 5,10″-6’6″ people.

Addmotor Adult Electric Mountain Bike

Motor And Battery

The bike is equipped with 750w brushless high-speed rear hub motor that assists you to travel at the 23mph, also giving you enough power to ride up on hills. It has 48V 11.6AH lithium battery which can be fully charged in around 4-5 hours.

Working Modes

You can choose between e-bike mode and assist mode. With the full suspension, you can tackle trails and rough terrain and have a more comfortable ride. The 4 inches wide tires allow you to ride the bike smoothly.

Addmotor Adult Electric Mountain Bike review

Other Features

The bike has variable speed control throttle and comes with a smart battery charger and integrated display. The 5-inch LCD display shows you useful information about the bike status.


  • high-quality frame
  • highspeed motor
  • smart battery charger
  • integrated display

Best All-Terrain Affordable Electric Bike

I·PAS Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Folding Design

This electric bike comes in many different colors to choose from. It is equipped with a strong step-thru frame, double-layer thick ipe technology, and a strong and stable frame. The bike also has shock font fork and shock Seatpost for safer riding. Also it has a foldable design which makes it less-space consuming.

I·PAS Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Motor And Battery

The bike runs 48v 500w high-speed brushless motor and intelligent controller. The maximum speed you reach is 28mph. High-performance 48v 13ah lithium battery run the bike to go up to 80miles in PAS mode and up to 40 miles in electric mode.

I-PAS Technology

I-pas technology helps the motor to be more efficient and to save energy. Also it extends the life of motor and battery. The bike also comes with IPAS LCD that provides speed, mileage, power, and other useful bike information.

I·PAS Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike review

Other Features

The bike has anti-skidding fat tires that increase mountain climbing abilities and tektro brakes for safer riding and stopping. Also, the bike has a Shimano 7-speed transmission system that you can smoothly change while riding.


  • I-PAS
  • folding
  • adjustable
  • safe riding

Best All-Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike

Eahora X7 Plus Folding Fat Tire  Electric Bicycle

Strong Build

The bike comes with a strong structure build such as a high-strength and corrosion-resistant folding frame. It has amazing full suspension with shock absorption for all-terrain riding. It comes with anti-puncture and strong fat tires for more stable and safer cycling.

EAHORA X7 Plus Electric Bike

High-speed Motor

The bike is equipped with 500W High speed brushless rear Motor with Top speed of 28mph. Shimano 8 speed shifter works in both electric and pedal assist modes. Using Thumb Throttle and Switching gears on different roads makes the riding easier.

Long-Lasting Battery

This bike has a long-lasting 48v 10.4a battery with imported high-density lithium cells. It is hidden in the frame and can be locked and recharged at home. It takes 4-5 hours to be fully charged and it assist travel up to 50 miles per one charge.

Eahora X7 Plus Folding Fat Tire  Electric Bicycle review

Other Informations

Eahora power regeneration allows the bike to 80miles of mileage and to optimize the efficiency of the ECO system. Aso it extends the life of battery and moto The bike omes with smart LCD screen with LCD backlight where you can see many bike information.


  • strong build
  • folding design
  • Ecosystem
  • LCD screen and LCD backlight

Best All-Terrain Electric Road Bike

NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike

Ergonomic Design

The bike comes in nice blue-white color and with ergonomic design. The bike has ergonomic lock-on Velo grips, Promax aluminum stem, and Riser mountain handlebars. Also, there is a bell so the people know when you are coming.

NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike

Safe Riding

You can adjust the bike so it fist your size and weights. The stoping is safer thanks to Tektro forged aluminum brakes. Tires are made for riding on mixed terrain and it has quick-release front and back skewers for ease of transport.

Powerful Motor and Removable Battery

This mountain electric bike is equipped with 500w rear disc motor placed on durable double-wall rim. It has a 48V 16AH battery with a USB port and gives you the possibility to ride up to 60km. It is easily removable so you can charge it anywhere.

NCM Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike review

Other Features

The bike also has an LCD l7 display on each side of the handlebars with many functions. You can see battery life, assist level display, speedometer odometer, and others.


  • ergonomic adjustable design
  • LCD
  • safe riding
  • removable battery and USB port

Conclusion: Which Two All-Terrain & Mountain Electric Bikes You Should Buy?

It is hard to choose which is the best all-terrain electric bike, but I would recommend the Addmotor mountain e-bike and I-Pas folding electric bike. The Addmotor comes in a simple design and high-quality frame. The bike uses variable speed control throttle and has an integrated waterproof display with compas. With full suspension you can easily tackle trails and rough terrain. I-Pas electric bike comes with folding design so you can store it anywhere. It has a strong body and I-pas technology that helps the motor to be more efficient. This bike also has a display that shows many useful pieces of information about the vehicle.

If you want to find out more about other best models on the market, you should read this article about the best electric bikes for the sale. Also, you might be interested in road electric bikes so read it in this article about the best road electric bikes. If you are a fan of e-bike that comes with extra space, read more about in my article about cargo electric bikes.