Are you in the market for the electric cargo bike?

There are great benefits to these kinds of bikes and you probably know that because you are here. To help you decide on the best electric cargo bike for you, here is the quick buying guide and the list of the best cargo e-bikes on the market.


A Quick Guide To Electric Cargo Bicycle

What Is A Cargo E-Bike?

Bikes are not designed to carry a lot of stuff except you and your backpack. The rest can make the bike very difficult to ride. For that matter, the cargo bikes emerged on the market. Those are bikes that have additional parts attached to them so you can transport kids, do grocery shopping, deliver food, or anything else that requires you to carry more stuff. It is convenient and you don’t have to look for a parking space.

Types Of Cargo Electric Bikes

There are a few different types of cargo bikes. The most common are box bikes, a longtail bike, pedicab, trike, or a mini cargo bike. Each one of them has a different placement for the cargo box and they come with different additional items. Just by looking at them, you will know which one will suit your needs best.

Electric Assist

There is no bike in more need for an electric-assist than the cargo bike. It is easy to ride your weight but when you have to drive a few more pounds on the back or in the front of you, you would want a little push. You can find cargo bikes with the motors in the front of the middle of the bike.

Battery Technology And Life

Batteries are one of the most important things you will have on your cargo bike. They are usually lithium batteries that are getting lighter and more powerful. Some bikes have removable batteries and some of them have them built-in. This is the factor that will determine the price, distance, and power that your bike will have.

Best 5 Electric Cargo Bikes

Best Electric Cargo Tricycle

Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Tricycle

Battery Range

This practical electric cargo bike has a battery that can ride for up to 45 miles on one charge. To fully charge the battery you have to leave it for 4 to 6 hours. It has a capacity of 48V / 15 Ah. It weighs around 70 pounds and it can carry up to 320 pounds. It is a strong and stable bike that will get you safely and quickly wherever you want to go.

Emojo Electric Fat Tire Tricycle

Oversized Basket

This is a perfect cargo bike for picnics, day trips, grocery shopping, or pet rides. There is a front basket that gives you a more practical place for your bag, phone, and other items. In the back is a bigger basket that can hold all of your other items. It is practical and easy to use e-cargo bike.

Stabile And Safe Construction

The frame on this bike is made with a strong and stable aluminum alloy. It has a suspension fork for a smooth ride. It is a comfortable bike that every user will enjoy. It has 7 speeds that you can easily adjust to the outside circumstances and your personal preferences.

Emojo Electric Fat Tire Tricycle review

Excellent Motor Power

The motor power on this electric cargo bike is 500W. It can speed up to 23 mph which is powerful for these kinds of bikes. The powerful battery can hold you up and ride with you up to 40-55 miles. That is if you use only pedal assist mode.

Size And Dimensions

The front tire on this bike is 4 x R24 and the rear tires are 4 x R20. The overall dimensions of this bike are 78.5 in length, 29.8 in width, and 47.6 in height. It comes in white and black color combination which will suit everyone for any need. It is great for everyday use and you can even take it on long runs.


  • Powerful 500W motor
  • Quick charge
  • 7-speed transmission
  • Max load capacity up to 320 pounds
  • Basket in front and the back

Best Electric Cargo Bikes For Families

Salamander Cycle Stroller 

Convertible Cargo Bike

This is a unique bicycle and you can’t find a lot of others that are similar to this. It is a two in one bicycle which is a great option for family and even if you just need additional storage when you go shopping. You can remove the back part with the seat and rear wheel and you end up with the stroller. The removed part can be attached to the side so you can easily change modes at any time.

Salamander Cycle Stroller

Size Of The E-cargo Bike

This bike is less than 32 inches wide. This means that you can easily pass through any commercial doorway and probably in most of the buses and subway cars. You can ride it with you wherever you go but you can also fold it so that it fits in van, SUV, or any other bigger car.

No Assembly Required

This electric cargo bike comes fully assembled. Once you purchase the bike you have to adjust the handlebars and adjust the seat and you are good to go. You can stroll and ride in comfort. This bike comes in two versions – with and without an electric motor so you can pick your preference.

Salamander Cycle Stroller review

Easy To Use

This bike has practical cargo because it is higher from the floor and you can open the whole section. This makes it easy for you to put your kids inside and to put all the other items you want to carry with you. There are no side doors and you don’t have to bend to do the job.


  • Foldable and convertible design
  • Easy to carry large items
  • Compact size for buses and subways
  • Comes with and without electric motor

Best Cheap Electric Cargo Bike

Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike

Strong Frame

This is a comfortable tricycle that has an aluminum alloy frame. It is a step-thru frame and the bike is equipped with a pedal-assist motor. The wheels are 26 inches and this bike is comfortable for the riders from 5’4” to 6’2” in height. It is a big and comfortable bike to run daily errands.

Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike

Motor Power

The bike has a powerful motor of 350 W. It is a Bafang Max Drive motor. It will provide you with the pedal-assist motor that will assist you up to 16 mph. The battery is 630W and it provides you with an extended range of riding and cruising.

Multiple Speeds

With this cargo e-bike, you can change between seven speeds. The gear shifter is Shimano derailleur that is designed for precise gear changes. For the safety feature, there are front and rear mechanical disc brakes. Those will ensure you reliable stopping at any weather conditions.

Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike review

Cargo Basket

There is a rear basket made of strong mesh material that can hold a lot of weight. It will keep your cargo in place on any road. The electric bike comes in black and red color combination. You can choose another color but they don’t come with an electric motor.


  • Alloy frame
  • Double-wall alloy rims
  • 7 changeable speeds

Best Electric Cargo Fat Bike

Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle 

Heavy-Duty E-Bike

Thie electrical fat tire trike is perfect for ridding especially when you need to carry different items with you. It is great for large loads and it has additional support on the rear end. It has a maximum load capacity of up to 350 pounds and the rear rack can hold up to 100 pounds.

Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle

Motor Equipment

This fat tire trike has 750 W motor and it works together with the lithium battery of 16 Ah. It is a Panasonic removable battery that you can charge on and off the bike. It needs about 4 hours to be fully charged so you can go to the next adventure.

Longer Frame

This trike is designed with a longer frame than other trikes like this. This increased length of the frame allows you to have better control and it is easier to handle the bike. There is a display mounted on the handlebar so you can read all the settings of the bike. There is a USB port to charge your phone while you ride.

Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle review

Comfortable Features

This is a uniquely comfortable bike with oversized saddle and a sturdy and adjustable backrest that supports you while riding. This kind of seat is great for people with larger bodies and limited mobility. It is a costume made backrest and seat so that you can be comfortable even on long rides.

Product Size

The overall length of the bike is 80.7 inches and the distance between wheels is 55.5 inches. The handlebar is at the height of 45.2 inches from the ground. The seat is at the height at 28.3 inches and the reach is 29.5 inches. The rear wheelbase is 23.6 inches.


  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Addshox steel fork
  • Sensitive front horn
  • Large metal basket

Best Electric Longtail Cargo Bike

GreenBike Electric Motion Cargo Bike

Wide Usage Application

This cargo electric bike is designed with the user in mind. It comes with a variety of accessories that you can use to customize the bike according to your preferences. It has a longtail on which you can add baby chairs, baskets, cushions. You can also customize it by adding a step-up platform, front basket, or saddlebags.

Mid-mounted Motor

The motor on this bike is placed in the center of the frame. It is a 500W power motor and you can choose the battery that is either 10.4 Ah or 12.8 Ah. The disc brakes are hydraulic and you can monitor all the activities on the LCD screen located on the handlebar. You can choose from two drive modes. One is Pedal assist and the other is thumb throttle.

GreenBike Electric Motion Cargo Bike

Suggested Use

This bike is designed to be driven in an urban environment. It is a perfect choice for busy city streets or strolls through the park. It weighs 59 pounds and it comes in black or white color combination. It is made from 6061 aluminum alloy frame. It has a Promax stem that is adjustable and hydraulic disc brakes.

Electronic Details

It takes about 5 hours to fully charge the battery and with that one charge, you can ride up to 50 miles. On the display that is mounted on the handrail, you can see all the adjustments and specifications of the bike. It shows you the battery level, speed, assist level that you can adjust in five different levels. The top speed this bike can reach is 20 mph.


  • Multiple accessories choices
  • 500W Dapu motor
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • LCD screen
  • Two paddle modes

Conclusion: Do You Have Your Favorite Electric Cargo Bike?

If you are the type of person that has a lot of items that need to carry or you want to take your kids wherever you go, you should go with the best electric cargo bike. If you want the best, the first option should be the Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Tricycle because of the fat tires. The second best option is Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike because of the wide battery range.

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