Are you looking for electric bikes on 3 wheels?

If so, read this article about the best electric tricycles for adults. Before going into details, you will learn more about 3-wheel e-bikes, what are their advantages and disadvantages and in the end, you will decide if this is the right electric bike for you.


Things To Know About The  Electric Tricycles

Three-wheel Electric Bicycles

3-wheel electric bikes are usually called electric tricycles. They come in a range of designs and some of them look like two-wheeled bikes with changes to accommodate a wider axle and rear wheel. Some of them are supporting the rider in a chair seat with a low frame. Also, there is an option of buying a conversion kit for people that want to compose the trike by their own needs.

They Are More Stable

Electric tricycle for adults should be very stable since they have 3 wheels. it means you don’t need to position yourself forward to balance the bike cause it will not trip over easily like the 2 wheels bikes. They are more powerful when it comes to climbing hills and you don’t have to worry about the balancing.

They Can Carry Heavy Weights

Those bikes are usually heavy and can carry many heavyweights and also can be fitted with large cargo packs. Some of them also have 2 baskets so you can also do shopping or picnic with it. Some recumbent trikes rider low to the grounds so it can occur visibility problems. Because of that, many riders use a flag at the top of their trike to make them more visible.

Less Portable And More Difficult To Handle

Many trikes have a wider wheelbase which is making them less portable in traffic roads. Also, the wider position of this e-bike can be more difficult to handle, especially while turning the vehicle. They can more easily handle faster than lower speeds.

5 Best Electric Tricycles For Sale Reviews

Best Cargo Electric Tricycle

Emojo Electric Tricycle With Cargo

Light Aluminium Alloy Frame

This public transit-friendly electric bike comes in white color. The bike has a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and oversized basket cargo in the back and small basket in the front. It offers good balance and maneuverability because the bike’s weight is placed in the center.


Motor And Battery

The bike has 500w DC brushless motor and 48v high power lithium battery. This motor is quiet and it offers good climbing ability. It gives you 20mph of speed and you can chare the battery 4-6 hours, which is not too long, but also not too short.

Good Stability And Braking

This electric tricycle for adults is perfect for a picnic or storing items because it has a front and rear basket. This bike has 7 speed transmision for an excellent gearing range. Also, Kenda tires and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes provide good stopping power and stability on the road.


Comfortable Seat

The seat on this electric tricycle comes with the back rest so it is a good choice for people with back problem. You can sit and rest while riding on this tricycle all around the beach, city or even trails thanks to big tires on it.


  • good stability
  • front ard rear basket
  • seat with back rest
  • 7 gear transmission

Best Road Electric Tricycle

Viribus Electric Tricycle for Adults

Easy To Ride

This electric tricycle comes in two colors, you can get it in black and in white. Also, you can choose between 24″ and 26″ size to completely adjust it to your height.


Removable Battery

This electric mobility tricycle for adults is equipped with a 36V 10A lithium battery. It comes with integrated storage, and you can charge it on or off the bike. The battery life should last up to 20 miles on a single charge depending on terrain and other conditions.

250W Motor

This bike comes with 250watt motor that can hold you and at a 10% incline. The weight capacity is 220 lbs so you can put a couple of belongings in the back too. The max speed of this bike is 15.5 mph.


Large Rear Basket

This bike comes with a rear baskets that allows you to carry items or even your pet inside. The basket is large, but it doesn’t have a cover so if you put many small things inside and don’t tie them they could fall out.


  • simple to ride and use
  • large rear basket
  • removable battery
  • 250w motor that can go up an incline

Best Fat Tire Electric Tricycle

Culver Bikes Pro Electric Tricycle

Aluminum Body

This trike comes in white color and adapt the 6061 aluminum alloy frame. There are also aluminum handlebars and paddle. This bike weighs 70lbs and can carry heavy riders up to 320 lbs.

Culver Bikes Pro Electric Tricycle


The 48v/15ah lithium-ion battery is placed in a sealed removable pack behind the seat and can take you up to 35 miles. Also, it can be fully charged for 4-6 hours.

Motor For All-terrain Riding

Bafang 48V*500W Front Hub Brushless Motor comes with half twist throttle for extra speed and it is specially designed for all-terrain riding. This bike can take you up to 55 miles by using level one pedal assist.

Culver Bikes Pro Electric Tricycle review

Other Features

The bike is equipped with Kenda fat tires, aluminum suspension fork, and mechanical disc brakes for safe stoping. This adult e-trike is perfect for carrying heavy stuff, so you can easily pick your supplies with you when going in shopping or picnic.


  • aluminum body
  • 600w motor with half twist throttle
  • Kenda fat tires
  • perfect for carrying

Best Electric-Assist Tricycle

EWheels Pedal-Assist Electric Tricycle

Aluminum Alloy Frame

This read colored trike adopts the low step-thru frame made of steel. The bike has a pretty good weight capacity of 400 lbs. It is one of the basic models on the makret as you can see it from the simple design.

EWheels Pedal-Assist Electric Tricycle

Storing Items Baskets

Just like most tricycles, this one also comes with two baskets. A large rear basket is perfect for storing your groceries and shopping duties, and the front basket gives you more space to put even smaller items like your purse, wallet etc.

500w Motor

The 500w hub motor has great power to reach speeds up to 15mph. You can ride aproximately 20 miles on a single charge, but that depends on the type of terrain and the weight of the rider. But, you can also pedal it if you want thanks to the pedal-assist mechanism.

EWheels Pedal-Assist Electric Tricycle review

Great Choice For Seniors

The great thing is the comfortable oversized seat with backrest, so you don’t have to think about the back pain. This bike is a great choice for seniors because it provides good stability and comfort.


  • steel frame
  • front and rear basket
  • backrest seat
  • comfort and stability

Best Commuter Electric Tricycle Conversion Kit

Electric Adult Trike E-Bike Complete Conversion Kit

Make Your Trike

If you want to have an electric trike you can adjust to your need, this complete Schwinn meridian electric conversion kit is the perfect choice. It is perfect for city riding and comes with affordable price. You can also choose the size of the wheel you like the best.

Electric Adult Trike E- Bike Complete Conversion Kit

Suitable For Seniors

This kit is suitable for seniors because of the adjustable power and speed options. It comes with DC brushless geared front hub motor and LI-ion 36v battery with LG cells. You can reach up to 32kmh without pedaling and recharge the battery for 5 hours.


The display is a great feature for knowing your bike. You can read the pedal assist level, charge level, speed, distance, odometer, temperature, motor power, battery status, and others. Also, you can lock it with a security password.

Electric Adult Trike E- Bike Complete Conversion Kit review

Other Features

You can choose 5 levels of pedal assist and use throttle on demand for more speed. Also, there are safety brakes that have a waterproof connector. This kit also has a seat post mount with an easy key lock and portable controller.


  • suitable for seniors
  • good stability and support
  • 5 levels of pedal assist
  • display

Conclusion: Which Two Electric Trikes You Should Choose?

Between listed electric trikes for adults, I would recommend the Emojo Caddy trike and Viribus cargo electric bike. Viribus is a transit-friendly bike that comes with a lightweight frame and oversized baskets where you can store many items. Kenda tires and Tektro disc brakes provide good stability and stopping power. Emojo trike adopts aluminum alloy frame and can carry u to 320 lbs. It has 2 baskets that give you enough space to store your items. This electric tricycle for adults has a 7-speed transmission system and a backrest seat that makes him perfect for older people. The bike provides stability and comfort.

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