Are you looking for a smart electric bike?

If so, then read my article about the best smart electric bicycle. You will learn more about their features, advantages, disadvantages and what kind of people are they made for. Before analyzing the best 5 products, I will talk about some things about smart electric bikes in general, and hopefully, after reading this article, you will decide which smart e-bike is the best for you.


Things To Know About Smart Electric Bikes

Powerful Motors

Smart e-bikes are very well engineered and they have powerful motors that boost kicks in smoothly with more comfortable riding for your back. There is also an easy changing power setting, only using a click switch on the handlebar. Some of them can claim to have a range for fully charged battery up to 60 miles.

Smart Battery Charging

Thanks to the smart technology smart e-bike can charge itself but while riding without electric assist. It works like when switched to “generator mode” motor converts kinetic energy into an electrical one, and it is returned to the battery.

Things To Emphasize

There is a fantastic built-in lighting system and easy maintenance drive belt. The Display shows a lot of stuff from the temperature to average speed. They are usually easy to charge.

New Smart E-bike Features

Nowadays some e-bike comes with lock wireless features, anti-theft, that provides diversity and versatility, SEMS-monitoring system which is acquiring data problems in no time, a lot of sensor features, and a battery that can be charged by using electricity.

Things To Think About

The thing to remember is that smart bikes should have a lift in their buildings or a bigger garage to park it in. Overall, it’s not proved that smart electric bikes are practical on the market since they are mostly made for design-conscious, and cash-rich people with a lot of free space to store them. Also, they are usually more overweight, almost 3 times heavier than other e-bikes.

Best 5 Smart Electric Bikes You Can Get

Best Smart Fat Tire Electric Bike

Eahora X5 4.0 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Strong Body

Eahora X5 plus bike comes in Gray, Green, and Lakeblue Colors. The size recommendations for this bike is 5ft – 6ft 4in. It has a strong body with a foldable aluminum alloy frame, strong fat tires, and a comfortable seat.

Eahora X5 4.0 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

E-pas feature

You can ride faster, over 30mph and it has energy regeneration tech which automatically charges the battery for 20% when you ride. Also, when you are going downhill the E-pas intelligent sensor gives you the ability to regenerate 60% energy.

Long Travel

The Electric Hybrid Bicycle is equipped with 750W Brushless Motor and Mechanical Disc Brake. It has 48V / 14AH Samsung Removable Lithium Battery Cells with charging time 4-5 Hours. With those, you can ride 45- 55 miles depending on riding mode and terrain.

Eahora X5 4.0 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike review

Suspension and Fat Tires

Bike is made of full aluminum mechanical front fork with suspension absorbers CST front and rear fat tires with wider rims which help you dive more comfortable on bumpy roads. Also, soft saddle ensures safer riding giving you enough space to move around.

LCD Smart Display

This smart LCD Display is password-protected and waterproof. Also, it can be upgraded to a color display. It shows your power bar, current speed, class, and trip distance.


  • smart display
  • e-pas feature
  • strong body
  • long ride

Best Smart Heavy-duty Electric Bicycle

Aceshin 20″ Folding Electric  7 Speed e-bike

Strong Body

This white color design electric bike is made of 6061 aluminum alloy which is known for its durability, resistance to rust, and stability. This bike can be folded and you can adjust the handlebar and seat post to your needs. Also, because of its folding design, it’s a good choice for people who want to save an electric bike inside their apartment, office, or car.

Aceshin 20 Folding Electric  7 Speed e-bike

Quickly Charged Battery

It is equipped with a 36-volt/8-amp-hour lithium battery and it allows you to travel 15-30 miles with 21.8 mph speed. If you want to ride more your battery can be quickly charged 4 -6 hours.

3 drive models

This e-bike has assisted bike, e-bike, and normal bike mode. With 250W motor and Shimano 7-speed gear system you can use assisted bike mode to overcome flat and rough terrains. Also, the assisted bike mode has a low, mid, and high level of assistance.

Aceshin 20 Folding Electric  7 Speed e-bike review

Other Features

Other than warning taillight and bright LED headlight it has wheel reflectors that light up your path more so you can enjoy more even in evenings. Front carbon steel fork absorbs the impact when you meet the bumpy roads. Also, it come with good fenders to protect your bike from dust and water.


  • strong body
  • quickly charged battery
  • 7-speed gear system
  • strong LED headlight and reflectors

Best Smart Folding Electric Bicycle

Emdaot 250W Folding Electric Bike

Premium quality

This foldable white-colored e-bike comes in premium quality. It is made of high-strength carbon steel and front fork aluminum alloy with iron comfort shock absorption. Also the alloy collapsible frame is made for quick folding and easy storage.

Hurbo 250W Folding Electric Bike

Motor And Battery

Bike is equipped with a 250W high-speed brushless gear motor and removable 36V 8AH lithium-ion battery. The battery also comes with a smart lithium charger and a maximum distance of 43 miles (69 km). With a 7-speed professional transmission system and high-speed motor, you can reach a max speed of 18 mph (30 km/h)

LCD Display

This bike has a LED 3-speed smart meter button which shows battery power and Gear indicator. With the smart meter button, you can select throttle mode or pedal assist mode. There are 3 different pedal assist modes, each with a higher max speed.

Hurbo 250W Folding Electric Bike review

Other Features

This bike has high-quality seats and anti-slip wear resistant tire. Another good thing is that you can ride at a constant speed by using a cruise mode. The folding design allows you to lift it in one hand easily. Because of the high quality materials, this bike will last a long time.


  • premium quality
  • folding design
  • smart meter button
  • powerful motor

Best Smart Affordable Mountain Electric Bike

BRIGHT GG NAKTO 26 inch Mountain Electric Bike

Simple Design

Nakto comes in a nice black color and elegant design e-bike. This bike is committed to protecting the environment and saving energy. It has a rear resistant tire and made of aluminum. Also, Nikto bikes passed many types of certifications such as EPAC, TUV, EMC to improve the quality of products.

BRIGHT GG NAKTO 26 inch Mountain Electric Bike

Motor And Battery

This bike is equipped with a 300W high-speed motor and smart 36V10A lithium battery charger. Those assists you to travel at the 20-25mph road speed limit.  It has high-quality rubber tires with special pattern on the surface, it is more slip and wear-resistant resistant.

Brakes and 6-Speed transmission

This e-bike comes with front V brake and rear expansion brake which fully protect your safety. With Shimano 6-speed transmission, you can adjust your speed at any time. Also, it comes with 3 working modes: pure electric mode, assist mode and pure assistant, which you can combine to get better experience riding,

BRIGHT GG NAKTO 26 inch Mountain Electric Bike review

Other Features

The bike comes with aluminum alloy casing which are resistant to falling, strong LCD light from the headlights, good penetrating powers, which can give you the visibility of five meters. The tire has a certain thickness and you can ride at any weather and it can avoid the penetration of sharp objects.


  • saving energy
  • smart charger
  • waterproof and fireproof battery
  • high-speed motor

Best Smart Affordable Electric Bike

ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric  Mountain Bike

Simple Design

This unfolding e-bike comes in a simple black color with red lines. It has a strong body that fork is made of carbon steel and aluminum alloy handlebar. On the left side of the handlebar, it has a power display. on the is right throttle bar you can adjust like on the motorcycle. Also, It has an environmentally friendly lithium battery.

Ancheer 500w200w electric mountain bike

High-speed motor and Smart Charger

This e-bike has a removable 36v 12AH ion lithium battery which can be charged on or off the frame. It is also equipped with a smart lithium battery charger that can make you ride up to 25 miles. The 500W high-speed brushless gear motors easily assist you to ride at the 15mph road speed limit.

21-speed Transmission And 3 Working Modes

It has front and rear disc brakes and a 21-speed transmission system that allows you to choose any speed you want. Strong brakes are made to protect your safety while stoping. This bike also has 3 working models; e-bike, assisted and normal bike mode, and combining 2 of them would be a better choice to improve your riding experience.

Ancheer 500w200w electric mountain bike review

Other Features

Small feature changes can improve your riding comfort such as correct the stem length and handlebar angle. If your comfort is your priority you should set up a shorter stem length which will put you in a more upright position. The load capacity of this bike is 150 kg and has a bright LED headlamp and horn.


  • simple design
  • smart charger
  • 21-speed transmission system
  • 3 working modes

Conclusion: Which Two Best Smart Electric Bicycles You Should Buy?

All those smart electric bikes come with a stronger aluminum or carbon body and have similar features and it’s hard to choose which one should be the best. But, I would recommend Eahora folding e-bike because it is a strong bike with fat tires which provides your riding balance and safety, and it is foldable. Also, it has an e-pas feature which means that the battery automatically charges for 20% when you ride. My second recommendation is Emdaot e-bike which is also foldable and made of high-strength carbon steel. The battery comes with a smart charger and this bike has high-quality seats and anti-slip wear resistant tire.

If you want to find out more about other best models on the market and learn more about the best electric bikes in general you should check this article about the best electric bikes. Also, you can read this review about the 3-wheel electric bikes if you like electric bikes with 3-wheel, but if you like to do shopping or to go on picnics, read more about in my article about electric cargo bikes.