Are you looking for an electric bike with a specific price?

If so, read this article about the best electric bikes under 100-500 & 1000-2000 dollars.  In the review, you will read the best models of each price range, but before that, you will learn more what each bike is good for and what can u expect. I hope you will decide more easily which electric bike suits you the most after reading this article.


Things To Know About Electric Bikes With Different Prices

Electric Bike Under $300

Kids bikes usually cost under $300.They help kids develop basic life skills like motor skills and creativity. They provide up to 1 hour of ride and these bikes are slow enough for kids safety. E-Bike for younger children usually has training wheels which helps them to learn how to balance.

Electric Bikes Under $500

With the best electric bike under $500, you will not spend more money on transportation. They are good for community riding and beginners. Those bikes can reach speed at 20 mph, which is pretty enough. Also with the electric bikes under $500you don’t need to ride from home to work pedaling.

Electric Bike Under $1000

Electric bikes under 1000 are usually- friendly and versatile. Also, they are built for some decent performance and usually equipped with 250 or 350 w motor. You can find affordable ones, depending on your needs, because they are plenty of them available on the market. The average speed is around 20 mph.

Best Electric Bike Under 1500$

E-bike under $1500 is an affordable bike with high-quality features that work on a motor of 300 watts or more. It offers a speed of 20-25 mph on a single charge. They are many types you can consider, such as Beach cruiser electric bikes, commuter electric bikes, folding electric bikes, fat tire electric bikes etc. For trail bikes, £1,500 is the price where users can get serious and technical choices.

Best Electric Bike Under $2000

Electric bike for under $2000 are usually giving you a high range and lightweight features. Usually, they are equipped with an aluminum alloy which is light but sturdy and it’s perfect for people who like to ride more often. This bike gives you enough assistance to make riding pleasant while still providing good exercise. It may mean the difference between exercising a bit and not riding your bike at all.

Best 5 Electric Bikes Under 100-500 & 1000-2000 Dollars Reviews

Best 3-Wheel Electric Bike Under $300

Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

Small Kids Tricycle

This kid’s electric tricycle is made of plastic and steel. It allows 360-degree spins and slide, or drift on duel rear caster wheels. This bike is recommended for children 8 years of age or older. Also, it supports the riders up to 120 pounds.

Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

Battery And Speed

This bike comes with a 12v battery which takes 12 hours to recharge. It can go up to 4,5 miles on a single charge with a speed up to 9mph. You can adjust the seat so the kid can set it to their needs.

Comfortable And Safe

The bike has a high-impact front wheel for more strength and push-button throttle for ideal speed control. The stopping is easy with a hand-operated front brake.

Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle review

Other Features

The bike has rubber grips and a welded steel frame. It has folding foot legs for easy enter and exit. The bike has a rechargeable battery and you let your kid enjoy riding for 40 minutes.


  • three wheels
  • safe
  • 40 minutes of riding
  • easy to use

Best Commuter Electric Bike Under 500$

ANCHEER Folding Collapsible Electric Commuter Bike

High-quality Material

Ancheer bike is made of high-quality material. It comes with a lightweight steel frame and folding design, which means you can store it in some smaller places when you are not using it. Also, it is great for camping or picnic sine you can place it in the back of your car.

ANCHEER Folding Electric Commuter Bike

Removable Battery

This bike comes with a 36v 8ah lithium-ion battery that allows you to travel u to 30 miles per one charge. The battery can be charged on or off the bike and it is full for 4-6 hours.

Motor And Riding Modes

This e-bike is equipped with a 250W high-speed brushless gear motor that gives you the top speed of 15 mph. This bike has 2 riding modes available. You can use pure electric mode and ride up to 25 km, or electric-assisted mode that allows you to travel up to 50km.

ANCHEER Folding Electric Commuter Bike review

Adjustable Seat And Other Features

Ancheer comes with dual disc brakes that are designed to work in all weather conditions. You can adjust to the bike seat to find a perfect position, and the wheel is equipped with a bell and LED 3-speed smart meter button. The bike has a medium weight of 44 pounds and can carry up to 220 lbs.


  • high-quality material
  • foldable
  • adjustable seat
  • LED smart meter button
  • 2 riding modes

Best Mountain Electric Bike Under 1000$

ECOTRIC Mountain EBike Electric Bicycle Bike

Aluminum Body

This 26-inch electric mountain bike comes in white or black color. The bike has an alloy frame and aluminum shoulder and legs. It comes with adjustable hydraulic disc brake suspension fork and standard disk brakes.

ECOTRIC Mountain EBike

Motor And Battery

The bike is equipped with a 500W rear motor and 36V/13AH lithium battery with shock absorption that allows you to ride on rough roads. You can bring the battery to your home to recharge which lasts 6-8 hours. With it, you can ride up to 55 km with a speed of 32km/h.

Riding Modes

The bike has 2 riding modes, pedal-assist or electric mode. You can combine them for a better riding experience. Also, there is a Shimano 7 speed gear and throttle assist for more powerful riding.

ECOTRIC Mountain EBike review

Other Features

The bike comes with an LCD 36V display that shows mileage, speed, battery, and others. The bike has an ergonomic design that includes a handlebar, adjustable seat, and anti-slip wear resistant tires. This bike can carry up to 260lb and is perfect for a city or mountain riding.


  • adjustable
  • 2 riding modes
  • LCD
  • ergonomic design

Best Hybrid Electric Bike Under 1500$

Eahora X7 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Stable E-bike

This electric hybrid bike comes in black, green, silver, and red color. It is styled in an aluminum alloy frame and has an adjustable feature. The bike has fat tires that are more stable and have better shock absorption. This bike has good climbing abilities and great terrain adaptability.

EAHORA X7 Plus Electric Bike

Battery And Motor

This bike is equipped with Eahora X7 48V 10.4A removable battery and 500W Brushless Motor. The battery is removable and it takes 4-5 hours to be fully charged. With it, you can reach up to 30mph and ride up to 45 miles.

E-pas System

Eco motor is connected with the E-pas system which optimizes the system and extends the life of the battery and motor. This bike has 3 riding modes. You can choose between electric, PAS and sport mode.

Eahora X7 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike review

Other Features

This bike comes with an LCD screen with backlight which is waterproof and password-protected. It shows you the data such as battery, speed, mileage, etc. Also, you can set the speed limit on it. The bike has a bright headlight, horn, and soft saddle for more comfort and safety.


  • adjustable
  • comfortable
  • LCD
  • E-pas system

Best Fat Tire Electric Bike Under 2000$

Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bicycle Fat Tire

Strong Frame And Fat Tires

This retro cruiser adopts a 6061 aluminum strong frame wit a lot of addons. The bike can carry adults that weigh up to 300lbs so it is perfect for heavy riders. With 20-inch fat tires, this bike performs well on any terrain for long distances.

Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bicycle Fat Tire

Motor And Battery

The bike comes with Bafang 48V*750W Integrated wheel motor and Panasonic 48V*14.5AH cell battery. With those, you can travel up to 55 miles using pedal assist, and the battery is fully charged in 4-6 hours.

Many Addons

The bike comes with a comfortable banana seat and many add-ons such as hydraulic brakes, blinkers, high beams, bell, and loud horn. Also, there is a big luminous headlight that keeps you safe in every situation.

Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bicycle Fat Tire review

LCD Screen And Integrated Wiring

This bike comes with a 5-inch display that supplies the useful information of the bike. You can see the speed, battery indicator, trip distance, and customizable pas settings. The bike also has integrated wiring that is water-resistant, and half twist throttle for more power.


  • strong frame
  • fat tires
  • comfortable
  • many features
  • LCD screen

Conclusion: Which Two Electic Bikes Under 100-500 & 1000-2000$ You Should Buy?

Between these 5 reviewed electric bikes I would recommend the Ancheer folding electric bike and Addmotor Motan e-bike. Ancheer electric bicycle under $500 is made of high-quality materials and has a foldable feature. It is great for beginners that want to travel on the roads or go picnic. It has a decent riding speed of 15mph, 2 riding modes, and an adjustable seat for more comfort. The Addmotor e-bike under 2000$ comes with a strong frame and fat tires for more stability on any kind of roads. This bike offers a 750w powerful motor and gives you the ability to travel up to 55 miles. The bike has many useful and interesting features that will increase your riding experience.

There are many different e-bikes on the market for different prices so if you want to learn more check this article about the best electric bikes for the sale. If you are interested in electric bikes that come with extra space, read this post about the best electric bikes with baskets. If you like more e-bikes you can use for off-road cycling, read this post about the best off-road electric bikes.