Are you looking for a folding fat tire electric bike?

These bikes can handle rough terrain but they are also easy to transport. A good fat tire electric bike has thick, durable tires. It can be folded quickly and easily. Before we get to the reviews, you will learn what to look for so you can find best folding fat tire electric bike for you.


How to Find the Best Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike?

What is a Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike?

Folding fat tire electric bikes are a great choice because they are a combination of power and convenience. They are portable and easy to store in small spaces, so you don’t need a garage. The thick tires are easier to ride because less balance is required. They can handle any terrain whether it be road, beach, mud, or even snow.

Types of Folding Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Folding fat tire electric bikes can make your commute faster and easier. You can bring it on the train, bus, or elevator. Even if you have a small office or apartment, you can store it in a closet or under your desk. There are several types of folding fat tire electric bikes. If you are a distance rider that just rides on the road but do not have much storage space, they are a great option. But if you ride off-road terrains and go faster, 750W bike would be best because of the more powerful motor. If you prefer to ride for pleasure, there are options for beach cruisers as well. They are stylish, you will ride comfortably and it is easy to operate with features such as cruise control.

Compact Design

Most folding fat tire electric bikes have a step-through frame. The frame is important as it needs to be strong and durable, but also light so it remains portable. So aluminum alloy or carbon steel are great choices. Wheels are important as well. Larger wheels have more leverage and distance, while smaller wheels are more portable. Although they look like they can suit anybody, electric bikes come in different sizes and weight capacities. So be sure to check the max weight, seat height, and reach. High handlebars and longer reach is better for tall riders with long arms. Some bikes are pre-assembled while others needs a full assembly. Many are 99% or fully pre-assembled.

Powerful Motor

For folding fat tire electric bikes, motor is important, especially if you want to go fast. The more watts, the higher the top speed. The more torque, the faster the acceleration. This means you will reach your top speed sooner. Large motors are more powerful, but are less portable. They are better for off-road or average speeds. Small motors are less powerful, but lighter and more portable. These are better for on-road and average speeds. There are several types of motors as well including rear hub motors, front hub motors, and mid-drive motors.

Long-Lasting Battery

The battery life is important for folding fat tire electric bikes. A commuter’s worst nightmare is to run out of battery on the way to work and be late. Batteries are measured in Amp-Hours (Ah) and voltage (V). If the Voltage and Amp-Hours are high, the battery will last a long time on a single charge. A longer battery life is important for commuters with long commuters or road riders going on long rides. Shorter battery life would be fine for commuters that have a short commute. If you want to compare bikes, you can always calculate Watt-hours (Wh) to see which has longer battery life. Just multiply the number of Amp-Hours by the number of Volts.

Best 5 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Best 750W Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

Addmotor Motan Electric Bike

Strong Folding Frame

This bike has integrated thick tube technology which gives the frame a more stable and stronger frame. It is a bike suitable for different kinds of terrains and trails. It has a low step-through frame so you can easily get on and off the bike. This makes it more approachable to a variety of users including elderly or youngsters. It can support up to 280 pounds of weight.

Addmotor Motan Electric Bike

Integrated Wheel

There is an integrated wheel that provides the bike and you with more stability especially if you are riding in the strong wind or on hard terrains. Compact he’ll also give the bike a unique design feature that can appeal to anyone. The bike comes in a bright yellow color with black details.

Large Motor

Although it is a small bike in size, it is equipped with a powerful and large motor. It has a rear-hub motor of 750 W power. If you want to ride across the sand, snow, uphill, or just cruise around the city, this bike can get you there.

Addmotor Motan Electric Bike Display

Long-lasting Battery

The bike has a large capacity battery of 16 Ah. The battery needs to charge for 6 to 7 hours and on that single charge, you can ride for 55 to 65 miles. This is if you are using the level one pedal-assist mode. The charging time depends on the battery level and the distance depends on the mode you are riding in.

Bike Configurations

This bike comes 85% assembled and you need to finish it once it gets to you. With the simple instructions and all the tools provided, you will not lose a lot of time before the first ride. Just make sure that you charge the battery before going on an adventure.


  • Panasonic battery
  • Brushless motor
  • Water-resistant connectors
  • Included headlight
  • Luggage rack

Best Affordable Electric Fat Tire Foldable Bike

ECOTRIC New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Motor And Battery Specifications

This folding fat tire electric bike has 500 W brushless motor. It works together with the lithium 36 V 12.5 Ah battery. The total charging time goes from 6 to 8 hours depending on the battery status. It is premium equipment that can last you for a long time.

ECOTRIC New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Fat Tires And Brakes

The fat tires on this bike are 4 inches thick and they are sitting on 20 inches wheels. These tires are the perfect choice for different terrains so you can explore the wilderness or cruise around town. It has front and rear brakes for shorter braking distance. It is a stable and reliable bike.

Dimensions Of The Bike

The total length of the bike is 69.5 inches and the distance between wheels is 46.5 inches. The middle tube is 16.5 inches long and the overall height from the ground to the handlebar is 45.3 inches. The height from the saddle to the ground can be adjusted from 33 to 39 inches. The reach is 25.2 inches.

ECOTRIC New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike controls

Speed And Distance

With 500 W motor, you can get to the maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. You can also adjust the speed with the Shimano 7-speed gear system. On one full charge of the battery, you can go from 18 to 23 miles depending on the amount of electricity that you are using.


  • Removable lithium battery
  • Shimano gear system
  • Aluminum frame
  • Folding design

Best Electric Fat Tire Road Bike

SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB5 Series Folding Ebike

No Assembly Needed

This electric folding fat bike comes already pre-assembled which makes it different than any other electric bike on the market. This means that you don’t have to waste your time on complicated instructions, and you can hop on it and enjoy the ride the moment you get it.

SWAGCYCLE EB5 Plus Folding Electric Bike

Adjustable Features

This folding fat bike can be adjusted in many different ways so that it can suit you the best. The seat height can be adjusted easily. You can adjust the angle on the handlebar and other features so that it is the most comfortable for you and your preferences.

Fat Tires And Wheels

Most of the folding electric bikes have 14 inches to 20 inches wheels. This one goes in a smaller category with 14 inches wheels. It has a pair of air-filled rubber tires which re easy maintenance. It also has quick-disconnect power lines for better traction.

SWAGCYCLE EB5 Plus Folding Electric Bike review

Speed Possibilities

With this bike, you can ride up to 15.5 miles on one single charge. This is also a hybrid bike because it is a combination of all the best parts of other bikes. On a full-throttle and with changing modes between pedal assist and pedaling you can ride very far.

Size Of The Bike

When this folding fat tire bike is in an open position it measures 49.2 inches in length, 21.7 inches in width, and 34.9 inches in height. Once you fold it and get it ready to transport it is a bike of 26 inches in length, 15.6 inches in width, and 23.6 inches in height.


  • Hub motor
  • Removable power line
  • Easy to transport

Best Electric Fat Tire Commuter Bike

Yamee Folding Electric Bike

I-PAS System

This electric pedal bike has an intelligent power assist system. This system increases the power of the output and it extends the life of the motor and the battery. The bike has a Samsung battery that has power and capacity of 48 V 14.5 Ah. With the innovative technology integrated into this bike, you can travel longer and the maximum reach is up to 80 miles.

Yamee Fat Bear Ebike

Smart Upgrade

This bike has a new cruise control technology. It needs only 8 seconds to maintain the constant speed and you don’t need to control the throttle. As long as you use the brake, the cruise control will stay turned off. There is also a function of recharging. The energy of the high speed or downhill ride will charge your battery.

Transmission System

This pedal-assist bike has a complete set of 8-speed Shimano transmission system. This system works smoother than on any other bike. It provides you with multiple choices that can be suitable for mountain trails, hill climbing, or road cruising. The bike has hydraulic brakes with oversized brake discs that give you extra safety while riding.

Yamee Fat Bear Ebike review

Advanced Suspension and Tires

The front and rear shock absorbers on this bike use four-link air suspension technology. The wheels are 20 inches and the fat tires are 4 inches thick. They are all-terrain tires suitable for climbing, snow and dirt roads.

Easy Assembly

This bike comes 99% pre-assembled. All you need to do is unfold it, install the saddle, and adjust it according to your height. 24-hour customer service is available if needed.


  • Intelligent display
  • IPAS technology
  • Samsung lithium battery
  • Upgraded off-road performance

Best Beach Cruiser Electric Fat Tire Bike

eAhora X7 Folding Electric Bike Cruiser 

Powerful Brushless Motor

This folding fat tire electric bike has a powerful motor of 750 W. It is a rear motor with strong power. The top speed that you can get to with this bike is 30 miles per hour. It can hold up to 330 pounds but it is recommended to keep it around 220 pounds. It works with Shimano 7-gear system.

EAHORA X7 Plus Electric Bike

Intelligent Cruise Control

This bike has Cruise Control that allows you to keep speed for 8 s under electric mode to turn on the cruise control function. This bike can ride with you for 45 to 90 miles. It has optimized the efficiency of the ECo system and that extends the life of the battery and the motor.

Lasting Battery Life

There is a 48 V 15 Ah battery that is reliable and it has integrated high-density Samsung lithium cells. The battery is incorporated into the frame and you can easily remove it, lock it, or recharge it on the bike. The charging time is from 4 to 6 hours and it has protection from overcharge.

EAHORA X7 Beach Cruiser Features

Sturdy Frame

This Eahora fat tire bike is powerful and budget-friendly. it is made from a high-strength and corrosion-resistant frame. It has front alloy suspension and anti-slip tires. It is equipped with shock absorption. The tires allow you to explore all kinds of terrains and you can easily fold it for storage.

Bike Configuration And Riding Modes

This bike comes 100% assembled to your door and you have to finish the job by following the simple manual. Once you are done with that you can choose from three different modes and enjoy the ride. Riding modes are easy to switch and they go from normal to full-electrical mode.


  • Strong motor power
  • 60 N.m torque
  • Cruise control
  • Waterproof housing for the battery
  • Smart LCD dashboard

Conclusion: Which Electric Folding Fat Tire Bike Is The One For You?

Folding fat tire electric bikes are a great choice because they are portable, can handle any terrain, and provide both power and convenience. My top pick is the Addmotor Motan Bike because of the strong frame and the powerful motor. Another good option is the the Ecotric New Fat Tire Bike because it is cheap but high-quality, and has a long-lasting battery.

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