Are you looking for a carbon fiber electric bike?

If you are, read my article about carbon fiber electric bikes made in many different types and designs. You will also read about its material, why it is good, and who can use it. Before the review, I will also type some general things for carbon fiber electric bike which will hopefully help you decide which one best suits your needs.


Things To Know About Carbon Fiber Electric Bikes

What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is a polymer and knows as graphite fiber. It is lightweight and very strong material which is five times stronger than steel. It is made of thin strong crystalline filaments of carbon that strengthen the material. Also, it is high in stiffness and has a low weight to strength ratio, it is high in chemical resistance and has a low thermal expansion.

Lightweight And Strong

Carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel but lighter than aluminum. It has been approved as the best material for electric bikes and motorbikes. It is a very nice material to work wit but it is very brittle which means when it breaks it brakes devastatingly. Also, it is very expensive and making is not very easy.

Who Should Buy Carbon Fiber e-bike?

The weight matters, especially for older or younger people who are not able to ride large heavy electric bikes. While removing a few grams on a 20 or 30 kg bike might not make a big difference, shaving a few kilograms could be a huge deal. But there is still a question if the carbon fiber is worth the price.

Carbon Steel E-bikes

High carbon steel includes very high strength and resistance to wear. While it can still break under hard pressure, it is less likely to break than with other types of steel. Thas why it is also used in electric bikes to improve their strength. Carbon steel is also a better choice for rust and corrosion than other types of steel.

Where To Buy Carbon Fiber e-Bike?

These days carbon fiber electric bikes are very popular due to its durability and lightweight. They could be a little bit expensive because of the high-quality material. It has many different types and maybe the best way to check them is to visit online shops such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and Overstock since there you can find a large range of products.

Best 3 Carbon Fiber Electric Bike Reviews

Best Carbon Fiber Folding Electric Bike

Smacircle Folding Electric Bicycle

Carbon Fiber Frame

This electric bike comes with a pretty impressive futuristic design with black color with blue details. The carbon fiber frame makes this bike strong and lightweight at the same time. The capacity is around 220 lbs, which is an average value.

Smacircle Folding Electric Bicycle

All About Number 12

This carbon fiber bike is made for a city ride, it won’t do well on the dirt because it comes with small tires. But, the good thing is the max speed of 12 mph which is the same as the max incline (12°). Interestingly enough, you can cover around 12 miles of trip on this bike.

Battery With Smart Protection System

The bike comes with a Samsung 36V 5.7AH lithium-Ion battery with smart protection system. It also has an intelligent lithium battery charger which will charge the battery in approximately 3,5 hours.

Smacircle Folding Electric Bicycle review

Connect It To Your Smartphone

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, you can pair your smartphone and this e-bike. There you can monitor the battery life, the mileage, change the speed mode and you can even turn on/off the lights on the e-bike. Also, if you want to keep it safe, simply use the S1 app and lock/unlock the bike.

Folding E-bike

This electric bike can be folded which is perfect for stronger people. Also, it means it is less space-consuming and you can put it in your car or store it in smaller rooms or garages.


  • durable carbon fiber frame
  • folding bike
  • smart protection system

Best Carbon Fiber Electric Mountain Bike


High-speed 250W brushless motor

The SOHOO electric bike is fitted with a high-speed 250w brushless motor. This brushless motor generates enough power to meet your day-to-day travel needs and will get you to your destination fast. Also, this motor can handle occasional excursions. The SOHOO 250W bike can easily ride over hills, daily commute and around the city.


Sturdy collapsible frame

The sturdy frame lets you take your bike on most terrains without needing a bike rack. Since this bike folds up tightly, it can fit in your closet, trunk, and under your desk. Folding this bike down is easy using its two quick-release clamps and it’s also what you’ll need to open or close your ride. When shopping for a good folding bike, look for one that’s light, and small. The SOHOO bike is a lightweight folding bike that weighs 25kg.

3 riding modes

This SOHOO bike has three riding modes: the first is the Variable speed throttle riding mode which allows you to use the bike without having to ride much. Next, you have the Pedal-assist mode and the regular bike Mode. Additionally, when you turn off the power, you can ride this bike in regular bike mode.


Removable 36V lithium-Ion battery

You can recharge the bike’s removable 36V Lithium battery on or off the frame. This battery helps power the 250 W motor allowing your lightweight bike to reach maximum speeds of 20-25 mph on a full charge. An Easy Charge Port System lets you easily recharge the battery on and off the frame.


  • 16-inch wheel size
  • 3 riding modes
  • 250w brushless motor
  • 25kg bike weight
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Carbon steel and steel frame material
  • 36V/8AH lithium-Ion battery
  • Disc brake style

Best Carbon Steel Cargo Electric Bicycle

Nakto 26″ 250 W Cargo E-bike

City Bike

Today, cargo bikes are wieldy and customizable, such as this Nakto e-bike. It comes in a simple black color.  It is a standard city bike with a suspension fork and because of that it is more comfortable on light trails. It is made for people that like electric bikes with comfortable seats and high-quality material such as carbon steel.  Also, because of the basket, you can go shopping or store some items in it.

Nakto 26 250 W Cargo E-bike

250W Motor And 6-speed Drive Train

The bike is equipped with 250w motor and has one pedal assist level which serves pretty good considering to bike’s price. Also, The 6-speed drive train helps you to pedal on the hill climbs.

Comfortable E-bike

This electric bike is made of high-quality material, high-strength carbon steel frame and front fork that comes with comfort shock absorption.
It has a comfortable seat which gives you an upright seating position.

Nakto 26 250 W Cargo E-bike review

Long-Lasting Battery

This electric cargo bike comes with a 36V*10AH long-lasting lithium cell battery which is placed in a sealed pack that is removable. With a PAS function, it can save 70% energy during cycling. The bike comes with a standard smart charger and a fully charged battery can take you up to 45 km.


  • long-life battery
  • comfortable city bike
  • made of high-quality material
  • 6-speed drive train

Conclusion: Which Electric Carbon Fiber Electric Bicycle Is The Best?

Since carbon fiber material is not easy to make and it is high quality the carbon fiber electric bikes could be more expensive. I would recommend the Smacircle E-Mobility because it has a folding feature, and it’s frame weights only 1 kg. It has an intelligent lithium battery charger and LCD multi-functional display that makes your ride more controllable and safer.

If you want to know what are the best electric bikes for the sale, you should read this post about electric bikes for sale. If you like stronger electric bikes read more about them in my article about the best 1000w electric bikes. But, if the type of bikes you like is the one that is made for core riding and can carrying heavy stuff, read my article about the best powerful electric bikes.