Are you in the market for an electric assist bike?

There are a few things that make the electric pedal bike different than the others on the market. In this article, you will learn those differences and you can choose from the listed models the best option for your needs.


Things To Know About Pedal Assist Bikes

What Is Pedal Assist Electric Bike?

Pedal-assist is the name of the operating mode on the electric bikes. When you turn on the motor the mode helps you pedal. Most e-bikes have this feature built-in and you can turn it on by twist or thumb throttle. Assist bikes are made so that the function of assisting starts when you start pedaling.

How Does The Electric-Assist Bike Work?

For this bike to work, it needs to sense that you are pedaling and the motor will start to assist. Two different sensors are installed on the bike. One is a speed sensor and the other one is a torque sensor. These sensors are installed in the mid-drive motors of the bikes. There is a display that shows you how much power is used.

Speed Versus Torque Sensors

The electric pedal bikes are simple and predictable. The moment you start pedaling you know that the motor will power up. The speed sensor can overpower you pedaling so you have to lower the settings if you want to get exercise. The torque sensor guarantees you exercise. This sensor activates only when you are using force on the pedals.

Types Of Pedal Assist Bikes

These bikes come in all types. There is no limitation on the type of bike that you can choose. It all depends on the system, motor, and technical features that are installed in one bike. The design and the style of the bike are up to your preferences. You can go with a mountain, road, cruiser, folding, or any other electric bike you want.

Best 5 Electric Pedal Assist Bike

Best Electric Assist Mountain Bike

Eahora AM100 Mountain Electric Bicycle

Upgraded Speed And Mileage

The Ehora AM100 is a stylish aluminum bike. It has air front suspension fork and you can adjust the preload so that it matches the weight and riding style of the rider. It has a powerful 350 W motor and the maximum speed is up to 28 miles per hour. When the PAS system is turn on you can ride for 50 to 55 miles on a single charge.

Eahora AM100 48V Mountain Electric Bicycle

Other Working Modes

Besides the pedal-assist system that you can use, there are 2 other modes that you can adjust on this bike. The first mode is an Electric and you can ride fro 45 to 50 miles on it. The second mode you can choose is a Sport mode which allows you to ride from 60 to 80 miles on one charge.

Exclusive E-PAS System

The motor and the intelligent controller are connected to the smart E-PAS System. This is a smart bike system that allows you to recharge the battery. When you are at the full speed or riding downhill, the pedaling is recharging the battery so that you have more power and capacity.

Eahora AM100 48V Mountain Electric Bicycle review

9 Gear Shift System

This electric-assist bike is equipped with an adjustable speed transmission system. There are 9 different speeds so you can adjust them to the terrain conditions. For a bike to be more reliable and safe for riding, this one has a strong and highly-responsive braking force. There are hydraulic brakes for security.

Full-air Suspension Electric Bike

This is a mountain electric bike that has adjustable air suspension elements. It has upgraded suspension fork that can be locked and it offers better shock absorption. The seating area can be adjusted in height so that it can fit the large range of riders and give you better off-road experience.


  • Hydraulic hybrid bike
  • Lockout front suspension
  • Waterproof digital display
  • Bright front light
  • Removable Samsung battery

Best Electric-Assist Folding Bike

Yamee Folding Electric Bike

I-PAS System

This electric pedal bike has an intelligent power assist system. This system increases the power of the output and it extends the life of the motor and the battery. The bike has a Samsung battery that has power and capacity of 48 V 14.5 Ah. With the innovative technology integrated into this bike, you can travel longer and the maximum reach is up to 80 miles.

Yamee Fat Bear Ebike

Smart Upgrade

This bike has a new cruise control technology. It needs only 8 seconds to maintain the constant speed and you don’t need to control the throttle. As long as you use the brake, the cruise control will stay turned off. There is also a function of recharging. The energy of the high speed or downhill ride will charge your battery.

Transmission System

This pedal-assist bike has a complete set of 8-speed Shimano transmission system. This system works smoother than on any other bike. It provides you with multiple choices that can be suitable for mountain trails, hill climbing, or road cruising. The bike has hydraulic brakes with oversized brake discs that give you extra safety while riding.

Yamee Fat Bear Ebike review

Advanced Suspension and Tires

The front and rear shock absorbers on this bike use four-link air suspension technology. The wheels are 20 inches and the fat tires are 4 inches thick. They are all-terrain tires suitable for climbing, snow and dirt roads.

Easy Assembly

This bike comes 99% pre-assembled. All you need to do is unfold it, install the saddle, and adjust it according to your height. 24-hour customer service is available if needed.


  • Intelligent display
  • IPAS technology
  • Samsung lithium battery
  • Upgraded off-road performance

Best E-assist Cargo Bike

NAKTO Cargo Electric Bicycle

High-quality Materials

This electric bike has a high-strength carbon steel frame. The front fork is also made with the carbon steel and it has a premium shock absorber. It is a comfortable electric bike that comes at a budget-friendly price. It is suitable for all riders and because of the selected materials it can last you a long time.

NAKTO 26 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle

Quality Brake And Gear System

The NAKTO Cargo Electric Bicycle has integrated front V brake and on the rear end is and expansion brake. There is a 6-speed transmission system that you can choose and adjust according to the road you are on and to your personal preferences. The brakes provide you with safety at any time and there are a horn and headlamp for safe riding in the night.

Battery And High- Speed Motor

The battery on this bike is 36 V 10 Ah. It is a lithium battery that can be removed from the bike if you need to charge it. You can also charge the battery on the bike with a smart charger that comes in the package. With this equipment, you can ride up to 22 to 28 miles. There is also a PAS ranger that allows you to ride from 28 to 35 miles.

NAKTO 26 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle review

Choose The Riding Mode

This bike can also function in two different riding modes. You can ride with the assisted bicycle which gives you the boost and additional power when you need it. Another option is the electric mode, where you don’t have to use pedals but only turn on the motor and enjoy the ride.


  • Easy to switch cycling modes
  • Overcharge protection on the battery
  • LED front light

Best Electric Assist Fat Bike

Aostirmotor Electric Bike

Ergonomic Design

The Aostirmotor electric bike is designed with an ergonomic handlebar and adjustable seat. The tires are thicker than on the other bikes and they offer excellent traction on every terrain. There is also a light in the front for a safe ride in the night. Every part of this bike is made to fit your body perfectly.

Aostirmotor Electric Bike

Smart Technology Features

This pedal-assist electric bike has a powerful 750 W motor. The highest speed that this bike can reach is up to 25 miles per hour. There is a display on the handlebar so you can monitor the battery status, trip distance, modes, speed, and other features.

Large Capacity Battery

There is a 48V 13Ah battery that can support from 30-44 miles of riding, depending on the terrain. The battery can be removed from the bike so that it is easy to change the batteries and charge them when needed. The bike comes with a charger that needs 4-6 hours to fully charge the battery.

Aostirmotor Electric Bike Review

PAS And Other Working Modes

This bike comes in 3 working modes that you can adjust to your needs and the road conditions. You can adjust the purely electric mode which uses only the electrical power of the bike. The NOrmal Pedaled mode doesn’t use electrical power at all. The third setting is the pedal-assist mode which detects the power of the pedaling and it automatically starts the motor for additional power.


  • High-speed motor
  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Quick charging
  • LCD display

Best Electric-Assist Road Bike

HOTEBIKE City Electric Bike

Unique Design

The bike is constructed with the aluminum alloy and it is simply designed so that it can suit anybody. It is a perfect bike for men and women if you want to commute, explore off-road, or cruise around the beach. It is a lightweight bike with sturdy construction.

HOTEBIKE City Electric Bike

Hidden Battery Compartment

The battery is placed in the oblique bar on the front tube. It is invisible, but you can remove it and lock it inside the compartment. This is the elegant feature of the overall design. It is 36 V 10 Ah battery that can allow you 35 to 50 miles ride for one charge. It needs 4 hours to be fully charged. There is also a USB charging port for your phone on the headlight.

Strong Brakes

The bike has front and rear mechanical 160 brakes and a 21-speed gear shift system. You can choose the speed to your liking and adapt it to the conditions on the road. For safety, you can use the brakes that have a short distance stop. There are also installed inductive power-off switches on brake levers.

HOTEBIKE City Electric Bike review

Riding Modes

Like many other electric bikes, this one has three riding modes. There is an option to go pure electric or you can choose the normal mode. When you choose to ride in the pedal-assist mode you can adjust it in five different levels. This gives you a lot more options than just regular three modes. Every setting on the bike you can monitor on the LCD.


  • Closed compartment for the battery
  • LSC Monitor
  • Front aluminum suspension fork
  • Shimano gear system
  • Disc brakes

Conclusion: Which Electric-Assist Bike Will You Choose?

There are certain benefits of having an electric pedal bike and if you choose to have one, you should purchase only the best from the market. The recommendation from this list it the Hyuhome Electric Bike because of the magnesium construction. The second best bike is HOTEBIKE City Electric Bike because of the sleek design.

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