Do you want the fastest e-bike possible?

If you are looking for an adrenalin rush, the fast e-bike is the right choice to make. In this article, you will find out what to look for in an electric bike when you are looking for speed and which are the best bikes on the market.


Things To Know About Fast E-bikes

Classification Of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes come in three different classifications. The main difference between them is the motor power and the maximum speed you can ride it in. Class one and two are bikes with up to 250 W of maximum motor power. If you want the fast electric bike you will go with class 3 which are bikes with up to 750 W power motor.

Allowed Speed

The speed of the bike is connected to the power of the motor, but you have to be aware of the laws that electric bikes fall under. In most countries, the maximum allowed speed for an electric bike is 28 mph in pedal-assist mode. There are some countries where this maximum is even lower. Everything above that is subject to different laws.

Battery Efficiency

The most powerful motor will not be of use if you don’t have a high-quality battery that will store the power and give it to you when you need it. You have to consider the efficiency, power, and charging speed of a battery so that you can calculate the distance that you can travel with it.

Overall Performance

There are different types of bikes and you need to know how will you use it. It is not all about the speed and there are other factors you need to consider. Things like the thickness of the tires, saddle comfort, adjustable handlebar, LSC display, hub, or mid-drive motor all affect the performance of the bike and your ultimate satisfaction.

Protection Gear

Electric bikes are not a toy, especially if you decide to go with the fast one. Make sure that you have every piece of protective gear to be safe. You will need a helmet and some other protective gear that you will need to check what is mandatory in your state.

Best 5 Fastest Electric Bikes

Fastest Electric Bike

Aostirmotor 1500w Electric Bike

Nice Sport Look

This nice sport electric bike comes in a nice black color with white and red lines. It weights around the 90 lbs and with upgraded load capacity, it is suitable for people weighing up to 300lbs.

Aostirmotor 26 tire Electric  Bike

Aluminum frame and Anti-sip Resistant Tire

This bike is made of aluminum frame and has anti-slip wear-resistant tire and alloy suspension fork, which is good for complex terrain and it is reducing bumps, giving you a more comfortable experience.

Strong Motor And Removable Battery

The bike is equipped with 1500w motor with the strong driving force and endurance and large capacity 48V 15 AH lithium battery. The battery is removable and supports 31mph speed with charging time 4-6 hours. You can ride up to 26 miles.

Aostirmotor 26 tire Electric  Bike review

LCD Display

The bike also comes with a big multifunctional LCD display. This little computer shows you any useful information that you need when driving such strong vehicles, such as speed, power, PAS, and motor.

Other Features

It has 3 working modes, e-bike, pedal-assisted, and normal pedaled which improves your riding experience. Because of the fat tires, you will have no problem cruising over beach snow or dirt. Even with great feature, it doesn’t seem to have any headlights which mean is better using it during the day.


  • nice-looking
  • strong motor and battery
  • LCD display
  • 3 working modes

Best Cheap Fast Electric Bike

ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike

Strong Motor Power

This mountain e-bike has a powerful 350W motor that can be upgraded to 500 W. It is a high-speed brushless motor that can give you enough power for daily rides of adventures on the weekends and holidays. With the speed of 20 mph, it can take you anywhere you want.

ANCHEER 350500W Electric Bike

Removable Samsung Battery

The battery on this bike can be removed so you can charge it on and off the bike. it is 36 V 7.8 Ah lithium battery and it takes about 4 to 6 hours to fully charge it. The battery is high-quality and it can last you a long time if you take good care of it.

High-quality Materials

The frame on this bike is made with an aluminum alloy which is a strong and durable material, but also lightweight so you can carry the bike easily. It also has aluminum double-walled rims. The aluminum suspension fork gives you stability and precision while steering the bike. It is a comfortable and stable bike.

ANCHEER 350500W Electric Bike review

Working Modes

You can choose from three working modes. The first option is without electrical power, so you can ride the bike like a normal one. The second option is a pedal-assist mode where the motor gives you the push when you need it. The third option is completely electrical mode so you can relax your legs.

Required Assembly

The bike comes 85% assembled and you can take it to the professional to put together the rest or you can do it by yourself. Everything you need to do it comes in the package. All the tools and accessories are provided and you will receive a simple instructions manual.


  • Removable battery
  • Shimano gears
  • Strong motor power
  • Three available colors
  • Load capacity is up to 300 pounds

Best Fastest Electric Mountain Bike

The Bike Motor Mountain E-bike

Frame Color Options

This bike comes in three different colors so you can choose your favorite. The choice is between white, black, and red. The bike is made from the quality materials and durable paint so the new look can last you for years. It is a sporty designed e-bike that will suit everyone.

The Bike Motor Mountain E-bike

Braking System

The brakes on this bike are Taiwan Tektro Hydraulic brakes. It is a perfect choice for the bike of this much power and speed. The brakes are made from aluminum alloy and they are 8 inches rotor discs. The brakes are located on the front and rear wheels.

Wheels Characteristics

The wheels on this bike are 26 inches and 4 inches thick which makes them fat tires. Perfect choice for mountain trails and demanding roads. Thy is mounted on double-wall aluminum rims. They are durable and quality made so that you can smoothly tide through any road adventures.

The Bike Motor Mountain E-bike review

Speed Adjustments

This bike can go from 55 to 62 miles per hour. The maximum torque is 125 n/m. The battery that goes with this bike is 72 V/40 Ah Panasonic lithium. This bike can last you for up to 38 miles. It is a durable and reliable bike that can last you a long time.


  • Fat tire e-bike
  • Ergonomic seat
  • Aluminum high-density bearing pedal

Best Fastest Foldable Electric Bike

Eahora X7 PRO Folding Electric Bike

Strong E-bike Body

The bike is entirely made from 7071 aluminum alloy. It is coated with rust-proof protection on the front fork. Because of its strong construction, this bike can hold up to 330 pounds. There is a comfortable shock absorption in the front for better performance which will help you with mountain climbing and other bumps on the road.

EAHORA X7 Plus Electric Bike

Fast Electrical Bike

The bike is equipped with a large capacity Samsung battery. It is 48 V/10.4 Ah which is canceled in the waterproof compartment. There is a 500 W motor placed on the rear side of the bike. There is an LCD and a controller so you can adjust the settings on the bike and monitor them.

Speed Possibilities

This bike can ride up to 28 miles per hour with ease. There are three levels of pedaling you can choose from. If you decide to go with Eco mode you can ride this bike for up to 45 miles. It is a great bike for daily commuting or travel adventures.

Eahora X7 PRO 500W Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike review

E-PAS System

There is a specific feature on this bike that makes it different than any other bike on this list. It has integrated E-PAS which is an intelligent control system that lets you recharge power back to the battery when you are on the downhill path. This can add 10 miles of cruising.

Shifter And Brakes

There is a Shimano 7 speed shifter installed on this bike. It provides you with accurate shifting and riding. There are front and rear disc brakes for more comfortable and safe riding. You can adjust three different modes to ride the bike depending on your preferences.


  • Electronic lock
  • E-tech power regeneration
  • Tire terrain adaptability
  • E-pass intelligent system

Best Fastest Electric Fat Bike

NAKTTO Electric Fat Tire Mountain EBike

Strong Motor And LED Display

This fast electric bike has a powerful motor of 500 W. It is a brushless high-speed waterproof motor. The maximum speed that you can ride with this is up to 35 miles per hour. On one charge of the battery, you can go up to 40 miles. Everything you need to know and monitor will be displayed on the LCD monitor on the handrail.

NAKTTO Electric Fat Tire Mountain EBike

Fat Tires And Durability

The bike has fat tires of 26 x 4 inches. They are good for any kind of terrain conditions. They provide you with a safe and balanced ride. The bike weighs 50 pounds and it can hold up to 260 pounds. The bike comes in black color so that it can suit anybody.

High-quality Materials

This is one of the fastest electric bikes made from 100 % aluminum. For an even lighter feel, the front fork is made of carbon steel and it has a 10CM buffer zone with better shock absorption. The entire bike is painted with a protective coating so that it can handle a ride in the rain.

NAKTTO Electric Fat Tire Mountain EBike review

Central Control LCD Display

To be able to control ally he bike settings and monitor the situation, there is a mounted LCD on the handlebar. You can easily watch the speed, battery level, assist mode, and other things that can make your riding better and easier. The display lights in the dark, but you can adjust the brightness so it doesn’t bother you while riding in the night.

Adjustable Riding Modes

Like most of the electric bikes, this one also has different working modes you can adjust. If you want, you can turn all of the electricity off and ride the bike like a normal one. If you want speed and faster riding, you can go with the pedal-assist mode or even full electric speed for complete relaxation.


  • High-speed motor
  • Shimano lithium battery
  • LCD
  • Fat tires
  • PAS technology

Conclusion: Are You Ready For The Fastest Electric Bike?

There is a certain joy in riding a bike, but if you can go faster than with the normal bike, the riding becomes a whole new experience. For the best option on the market, you can go with the Aostirmotor 1500w Electric Bike because of the powerful motor. Another great option is to get something foldable like Eahora X7 PRO Folding Electric Bike.

If you want to learn more, you can read a few different articles about the best electric bikes for sale. There is also a post that reviews the best electric fat bikes or you can read the electric cargo bicycles and their benefits.