Are you looking for a long-range electric bike?

Then you are in the right place because in this article you will learn more about them and hopefully more easily decide which one suits you the best. Before the review, you will read about the long-range electric bike features, pros, cons, and where to buy them.


Things To Know About Long-Range Electric Bikes

Most Popular Long-range E-bikes

The range of an electric bike depends on a few variables which are battery capacity, rider weight, terrain, and battery assist levels. The most popular bikes with long-range are usually mountain e-bikes, off-road electric bikes, and the ones with more battery capacity. With those bikes, you can usually reach 100 km or more, and also, the electric bike allows you to ride even after the battery is empty, like on a regular bike.

Common Features

Since the range of e-bike also depends on terrain style, the bike requires a more powerful motor and long-lasting battery. This bike usually comes with 500w motor and 48v battery. These bikes are highly reliable and their pipe is thicker. As their name says, the long-range e-bikes are used for longer cycling outside the city.

Heavy And More Expensive

Long-range electric bikes have strong performance, powerful engines, and other parts, and because of that, they might be pretty heavy and it is hard to pedal it after your battery runs out. They might be more expensive, and also you must consider the bike’s components duration, which is also an extra cost.

Where To Buy Them

Since those bikes require a powerful gear and other components you must think of, the ultra-long-range e-bikes are not so easy to find. The price range varies between 1000-2000 $, and you can check the affordable models on the internet market such and Amazon and Walmart.

Best 5 Long Range Electric Bicycles For Sale

Best Long Range Mountain Electric Bike

I·PAS Rattan Electric Bike for Adults

Stable And Lightweight

This 26-inch electric bike comes in green grey and blue color. It uses a 100% aluminum alloy frame and shoulder fork. Those are made to be light but strong. The bike is equipped with anti-slip tires and shock absorbing font fork which are making this bike stable.

I·PAS Rattan Electric Bike for Adults

Motor And Battery

A 350W strong motor comes with the newest technology that helps to save 50% of the energy. Removable 48V 10.4h lithium-ion battery can get you 40-50 miles in e-bike mode and up to 70-80 miles in assisted mode which provides long and safe riding.

Riding Modes

This bike capacity to different type of roads or weather and comes with 3 riding modes. You can choose between an e-bike, assisted bike and a regular bike. The bike has a 7-speed classic transmission system that increases hill-climbing power.

I·PAS Rattan Electric Bike for Adults review

Other Features

IPAS technology optimizes battery and saves the power. The bike also carries the intelligent display that shows the current speed, battery status, ODO mileage, and PAS level.


  • I-PAS
  • 7-speed transmission system
  • light and strong frame
  • LCD screen

Best Long Range Folding Electric Bike

Eahora X5 Fat Tire Foldable E-Bike

Comfortable E-bike

This electric bike consists of an aluminum frame, folding pedal, and aluminum suspension front fork. The bike comes with a comfortable memory foam saddle and can carry up to 300 pounds which is perfect for heavier riders.

Eahora X5 4.0 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

48v Battery

The bike has a built-in 48v lithium-ion battery with Samsung battery cells. It is placed inside the frame which is waterproof and rustproof. The battery can be fully charged in 5 hours and you can charge it indoors. With it, you can travel up to 55 miles per charge.

Motor And E-pas System

The bike has a 500w motor with E-pas system that generates electricity. There are 3 riding modes you can choose or combine, and the PAS mode can take you up to 70 miles am electric one up to 68 miles.

Eahora X5 Fat Tire Foldable E-Bike review

Folding Feature

This electric bike has a folding feature which means you can store it in small rooms or your car. It has a 7-speed shifting system and its suitable for any road conditions, mountain climbing, or rain or snowy weather. The bike also has an LCD and front headlight for safer riding.


  • foldable
  • comfortable
  • any-road riding
  • LCD

Best Long Range Off-road Electric Bike

MX01 26 Inch Electric Folding Bike

Strong Structure

This bike is made with high-quality materials and designed for all terrains. You can comfortably ride it on muddy paths beaches, and snowy roads. It is constructed with a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy which strong and lightweight. The frame can be folded in half so you can carry it with you and store it when needed.

MX01 26 Inch Electric Folding Bike

Strong Power

This high power e-bike has a high-speed brushless motor of 1000 W. It offers strong power and it works together with the 48 V 10.4 Ah lithium battery. It is made from high-performance battery cells that can last you a long time. The battery is located in the frame and can be removed for charging. It needs 4 to7 hours to be fully charged.

Mileage And Top Speed

With this equipment, you can ride this bike from 18 to 55 miles depending on the riding mode that you chose. The maximum speed that you can accomplish with this bike is 21 miles per hour. The gears and the speeds you can change on the handlebar which is easy to use.

MX01 26 Inch Electric Folding Bike review

Three Cycling Modes

There are three different modes you can adjust this bike to. Each one of them brings different abilities to you. You can leave the bike in the normal mode which doesn’t use any electrical power. You can also turn on a pedal-assist mode that gives you the necessary boost when you need it or you can go full-electric mode for maximum riding power.

Bike Configurations

The bike ha Shimano transmission system that offers better quality and it is more durable. Using thumb throttle makes changing gears much easier especially if you are on difficult roads. This way you can concentrate on the road ahead of you. This bike weighs 55 pounds and it can support up to 330 pounds.


  • Power display
  • Accelerator throttle
  • LED light and speaker integration
  • Easy to remove the battery

Best Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike

Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bicycle Fat Tire

Retro Design

This electric bike fits for 5,2″-6,5″ adults and it can carry up to 300 lbs. You can choose between white and back color, whichever suits you better. It has cool retro appearance and it comes with a banana seat and good set of tires that ensure a comfortable ride.


Panasonic Battery And 750W Motor

Panasonic 48V*12.8AH battery comes with a standard smart charger and is strong enough to pull you up to 55 miles using level one pedal assist mode. It is simple and easy to charge for just 5-6 hours. Bafang 48V*750W Integrated Wheel Motor with half twist throttle allows you to ride at the speed of 23 mph.

Safe Riding

The bike has water-resistant connectors and wiring harness which extends its life. It comes with disc brakes, headlight, and a LCD screen. 20-inch fat tires perform well on long distances and terrains such as mountain, beach or snow.

Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bicycle Fat Tire review

LCD Screen And Headlight

This bike is equipped with a 5 inch LCD screen where you can see much information about the vehicle. You can check the bike speed, trip distance, battery indicator, and PAS level. Also, your riding is safer at night or during the rain, with big luminous headlight.


  • retro design
  • comfortable and safe riding
  • fat tires and hydraulic brakes
  • LCD screen and headlight

Best Long Range Electric-Assist Electric Bike

eAhora AM100 Professional Mountain Electric Bike

Professional Mountain Bike

This electric bike comes in green, blue, and red color and can carry up to 330lbs. It is equipped with an aluminum alloy frame, anti-slip wheels, and rear saddle suspension for more comfort. This bike also has a lockable and adjustable suspension front fork that converts the power in forward one while riding uphill.

Eahora AM100 27.5inch 48V Mountain Electric Bicycle

Motor And Battery With USB Charger

With 350w motor and Shimano 9-speed shifter, you can reach 22 mph with ease. The bike has a 48V 10.4A battery with Samsung lithium cells that is attachable and can be charged at your office or home. Also, there is a USB port where you can charge your mobile phone. It takes 4-5 hours to be fully charged.

E-pas Technology

The bike has E-pas technology that optimizes the efficiency of the ECO system and provides a longer life of the battery and motor. The bike has an electric mode, PAS, and regular mode you can choose. Under Electric mode you can activate cruise control and travel more than 15mph, and regenerate power will go downhill. With it, you can ride up to 80 miles.

Eahora AM100 27.5inch 48V Mountain Electric Bicycle review

Other Features

This bike has many useful features such as thumb throttle, strong LCD backlight, and 9-speed shifter. Also, there is a smart LCD screen that clearly shows your battery status, current speed, PAS level, and range. You can protect it with a password and set the speed limit.


  • many useful features
  • strong performance
  • E-pas technology
  • LCD screen and backlight

Conclusion: Which Two Long Range Electric Bicycles You Should Buy?

The long-distance e-bike I would recommend are I-PAS Rattan electric bike and Eahora AM100 electric bike. I-pass Rattan is a light but strong bike and comes with anti-slip tires and shock absorbing fork. I-pas helps the bike to save 50% of energy and can ride up to 80 miles in assisted mode. The bike can ride on different types of roads in any weather. Eahora long-range electric bike has many features to make the ride comfortable. There is a Shimano 9-speed shifter and E-pas technology that optimizes the Eco-system. This electric bike allows you to ride up to 80 miles.

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