Are you in the market for something different?

Why not check out the offer for the electric chopper bike? The electric bike doesn’t have to look sporty and cute all the time. You can go with something tougher like an electric chopper bicycle. In this article, you can learn all about them and find out which are the best bikes on the market.


Electric Chopper Bike Buying Guide

Electric Bikes Categories

There are a lot of categories you can see out here for electric bikes. Here will be mentioned only basic ones like electric mountain bikes that are robust and made for rough roads. Then you have cargo bikes, folding bikes, fat bikes, road bikes, commuter bikes and the most interesting one for this subject is the cruiser bike category. These bikes are made for smooth cruising and enjoyable ride. Most of the electric chopper bikes go into this category.

Capacity And Range Of Batteries

How far will you go depends on how big battery do you have. You can see the power of the battery expressed in Watt-hours or Amp-hours. Some of the manufacturers only give you the mileage you can travel on one charge, but this number can vary because of the conditions you are driving in, weight on the bike, and other things. Most of these bikes have an LCD screen on the handrail so you can see exactly how much power you have left.

Type Of Motor

There are two types of motors on e-bikes. They are not such different motors as is the different placement of the one. The hub motors are more affordable and easier to install but can deliver full power only at one speed. The crank drive motors are placed right where the pedals are and they deliver power straight to the chain. The crank motors are more efficient and better at hill climbing, however, they are more expensive and only the manufacturer can repair them.

Multiple Assist Levels

The electric bikes have the display on the handrail so you can monitor the battery life, mileage, and other features. It also serves you to adjust the assist levels. Most of the bikes have three assist levels and some even more. This allows you to adjust how much power of a motor and battery you want to use at the given time.

Best 5 Electric Chopper-Style Bikes

Best Electric Bike Chopper Style

WesternPacific Harley Chopper Style Electric Bike

Powerful Motor

This bike has the most powerful motor on this list. It is equipped with the 2000W 60V Brushless DC motor. When you ride this electric bike you have the feeling that you are on a real motorcycle. It is a unique and powerful bike that you will love to ride and cruise in it.

WesternPacific Harley Chopper Style Electric Bike

Battery System

The bike has upgraded battery that now has a power of 20Ah. It is a Lithium-Ion Battery. It is located on the bottom of the bike so you have easy access to it. Try to keep the battery always over 50% to prolong the lifetime of it.

Brakes And Lights

This electric chopper bike has front and rear disc brakes. This allows you to have complete control and safety feeling in all kinds of weather conditions. The bike also has front and rear lights so you can drive in the low light. It also has turning signals.

WesternPacific Harley Chopper Style Electric Bike review

Wide Tires

This is a proper chopper-style bike that also has super-wide tires that are 8 inches wide. For more comfortable ride this bike also has a front and rear suspensions. It is a big bike that comes in red color and it has black details.

Additional Equipment

This is more than just an electric bike. It has all kinds of additional equipment that will make your ride more exciting. There is an integrated Bluetooth audio system, it comes with a spare key and it has a pre-installed alarm. It is a great ride to have and it is easy to use.


  • Unique design
  • The battery mounted on the bottom
  • Integrated alarm
  • Features Bluetooth audio system
  • Turning signals

Best Electric Commuter Chopper Bike

CIVIBIKES Vintage Electric Chopper Bike 

Unique Design

This vintage electric bike has a real biker feel to it. It is designed to look from the 70s. It has a standard LED headlight and high and low beam function. There is also a day-light indicator function that has a separate switch. It is a beautiful and elegant electric bike.

CIVIBIKES 48V 750W Bafang Vintage Electric Bike

Speed And Power

This vintage chopper bike is equipped with a powerful battery of 750W. It has a brushless motor with high torque. The top speed can go up to 28 mph. It has 7-speed gear so you can choose and adjust your preferences according to the outside conditions. The bike has Tektro brakes and fat tires.

Lithium Battery

There is a 48V 17.5Ah lithium-ion battery. It is a lightweight and long-lasting battery that can ride with you for 55 miles for just one charge. The bike is designed so that the battery is located in the compartment where you would hold the gas on regular bikes. The tank is waterproof.

CIVIBIKES 48V 750W Bafang Vintage Electric Bike review

Full-Color LCD Display

A fancy bike deserves a fancy computer. It is placed on the handrail. It will show you all the parameters that are crucial to know when riding. There are five levels of PSA and you can choose the throttle level between ECO, NORMAL, and SPORT. It is made super clear so you can see even in the harsh sunlight. On it you can read do, speed, motor input, battery indicator, trip, and other settings.

Aluminum Alloy Frame

This e-bike is made with a durable and lightweight aluminum alloy frame. The maximum weight that this bike can handle is up to 350 pounds. The recommended height of the rider is from 5’2” to 6’2”. It weighs 59 pounds and you get a year’s warranty for the bike.


  • Premium build materials
  • Waterproof tank for battery
  • 4-6 hours charging time
  • HD LCD Display

Best Beach Cruiser Chopper Electric Bike

SEADOSHOPPING Electric Chopper Bicycle

Build Materials

Like many other electric bikes, this one is also made from aluminum. The total weight capacity of this electric chopper bicycle is 330 pounds. It is a robust and powerful bike that is made to be seen when you are cruising on the beach.

SEADOSHOPPING Electric Chopper Bicycle

Product Size

The overall size of this bike is 68.9 inches in length, It is 29.5 inches high and 27.6 inches wide. The entire bike weighs 132 pounds and it can reach 25 to 30 mph. It is a big bike that can hold a large amount of weight.

Endurance Of The Battery

The battery can drive you for 28 miles on one charge. It takes about 5 to 6 hours to fully charge the battery. It is a 60V 12 Ah lithium battery. It is a powerful device that will safely take you from point A to point B in no time.

SEADOSHOPPING Electric Chopper Bicycle review

Motor Power

The motor built inside the bike is a powerful device. It can take you 20 degrees uphill if needed. The tires on this bike are wide. The front one is 21 inches wide and the rear one is 19 inches. It is a silent motor so it won’t get in your way while cruising in the sunset.

Additional Features

The braking system on this bike consists of hydraulic brake and EABS. There is an app that you can install to control the bike. It has a front and rear shock absorber, turning lights. There are also headlight on the front and the back and two rear mirrors.


  • Hydraulic brake + EABS
  • Multiple color choices
  • Comfortable design

Best Fat Tire Electric Chopper Bike

Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bicycle

Product Details

This a beautifully designed retro bike with fat tires. It is recommended for users from 5’2” to 6’2” and it has a maximum load capacity of up to 300 pounds. This makes the bike suitable for large riders. It comes in black or white color so you can pick your favorite.

Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bicycle Fat Tire

Battery Life

The bike has an integrated lithium-ion battery that needs about 5 to 6 hours to full recharge. The charger comes in the package and all you have to do is plug it in. With a fully charged battery, you can go about 45 to 55 miles if you use assist pedal on level 1. If you only use the throttle, the time will be half of it.

Motor Specs

The motor is a 48 V 750 W brushless DC hub. It is a powerful motor that can power the 20 inches fat tires. This is also a great bike if you travel a longer distance. It is suitable to ride it on the beach, snow, trails, mountains, or any other terrain. It also features an excellent braking system.

Addmotor MOTAN Electric Bicycle Fat Tire review

Bike Materials

This is a unique bike that has a banana seat. The frame is solid and made of 6061 aluminum. It is stylish and masculine but anybody can look good on it. There numerous add-ons that come with it like hydraulic brakes, blinkers, high beams, a bell, a loud horn. It is a practical bike that can be a great option for any user.

Bike Dimensions

The height of the handlebar is 49.2 inches and the overall length is 47.2 inches. The reach is 28.7 inches and the seat is 22.8 inches long, 6.3 inches wide, and 3.7 inches thick. The bottom bracket height is 10.8 inches and the handlebars are 28.3 inches long.


  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Steel fork
  • Max speed is 23 mph
  • Motorbike seat

Best Electric Chopper Road Bike

Munrojoy Retro Classic Electric Bicycle

DOT Certified

The bike is certified with the US regulations and other quality requirements. It has an aluminum frame which is strong and resistant, yet lightweight. The entire body of this bike weighs 99 pounds. It features LED headlights and it uses OSRAM lamp beads.

Munrojoy Retro Classic  500W Electric Bicycle Motorcycle

Samsung Batteries

There is an 11.6 Ah lithium-ion battery. The battery is made to last at least five years. It has installed a V-type double cylinder. The battery box is chrome-plated which fits nicely into the esthetics of the bike and it looks elegant from the outside. It is made so that it is easy to take the battery out and charge it.

Long Battery Endurance

The battery is the most durable from any other one on this list. It can take you for 310 miles. It can be a worry less trip wherever you decide to go. It features two disc brakes and four pistons. You can travel on this bike or you can use it to run daily errands. It is a practical and elegant electric chopper bike.

Munrojoy Retro Classic  500W Electric Bicycle Motorcycle review

Strong Motor

The motor on this bike has a power of 500 W and 48 V. Maximum peak of torque can reach 800W. It is a DC high magnetic motor. It provides you with a balance of stability and speed. The maximum speed that it can reach is 31 mph.


  • Elegant design
  • Samsung battery
  • 500W motor

Conclusion: Which Electric Chopper Bike Will You Choose?

There is something nostalgic and powerful in the chopper style. Then why not have a bike that can look the same and perform on an eco-friendly base? This is when electric chopper bicycles come into a picture. If you want the best on the market you can go with the WesternPacific Harley Chopper Style Electric Bike because of the powerful motor. Another good bike is the Munrojoy Retro Classic Electric Bicycle because of the great battery life.

To learn more so you can make the right choice you can read the article about the best electric bikes. You can find more information in the post about three-wheel electric bikes or take a look at the reviews of the electric beach cruisers.