Are you interested in buying an electric bike motorcycle?

If so, then read this article about the best 5 electric bike moto combos. Before getting into detailed specifications you will read some general stuff about the electric moped motorcycle & bike. You will also read about their features and some advantages and disadvantages.


Things To Know About The Electric Motorcycle Bikes

Quite New On The Market

Electric motorcycle manufacturers were doing a lot of updates on their bikes, increasing their ranges and power output. Electric motorcycles are pretty much new on the market and only a few manufacturers are producing them. They are updating and refreshing it every few years and constantly representing new modes.

User-friendy Features

Electric motorcycles are usually not consuming fossil fuels and are trying to be more user-friendly. They have a proprietary battery so that is making them more expensive. The larger capacity is also a plus to extend its life. Also there are different types of e-bikes with different wattage depending on user needs, how much and where they use it.

Advantage Of Moto E-bike

The basic advantage of this bike is its fuel savings because it costs only a couple of bucks and you can ride hundreds of miles with it. Also, Electric motors and batteries need far less upkeep than engine bike.  Torque and power delivery are proper reasons why to buy electric motorcycles instead of gas-powered bikes.

More Expensive Vehicle

Production costs are higher because electric bikes and their parts are manufactured on a much smaller scale than traditional gas-powered models. Also the electric bicycles require a decent amount of time to charge up.

Best 5 Electric Bike Motorcycle Combos For Sale Review

Best Electric Commuter Bike Motorcycle

Razor Electric Street Bike

Integrated Body Design

The bike comes in black and red color combination with silver details on the construction. It is stylish and comfortable and fits for ages 13 and up. This motorcycle is powered by two 12V batteries and it provides stability and control while riding. It is lightweight and has folding footpegs that are easy to use.

Razor Electric Street Bike

Equipped With Two Batteries

As I have already mentioned, this electric bike comes with two batteries, each of them 12V which means it uses 24V power for operating. The good thing about those batteries is that they are located in quick-change compartments so you can easily remove them if necessary.

Made For Streets

With this motorcycle, you can expect around 30 minutes of driving time which is more than enough to ride in the city. Thanks to the 10-inch 3-spoke mag wheels equipped with street tires, it is made especially for a city ride so don’t use it for off-road adventures

Razor Electric Street Bike review

Other Features

The bike comes with adjustable handlebars equipped with ribber handles for easier bike control. Besides that, this bike comes with a hidden storage compartment you can use to store your belongings during the ride.


  • safe and stable
  • two 12V batteries
  • hidden storage compartment
  • for 13+ age

Best Off-Road Bike Motorcycle

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Made For Off-road Adventure

If you are looking for an electric moped motorcycle for adventures, this model is the one you should consider. It comes in yellow and black as the main color combination, but it also has red, white, and silver details on the body.

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

650-watt Electric Motor

This small battery moped bike comes with a powerful 650-watt motor and it can reach the top speed of 17 mph. The battery can last up to 40 minutes, which is more than enough for a light adventure.

Dirt Electric Bike

The bike comes with an authentic dirt bike frame so you can expect stability and good control. It has dual suspension with riser handlebars just like real dirt bikes out there.

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike review

Manufacturer Recommendations

The recommended age limit for this model is 16 and up and the weight limit is 200 pounds. Also, when it comes to performance, the manufacturer is recommending a 12-hour charge period for the t charging.


  • dirt bike design
  • dual suspension
  • 650-watt motor

Best High Power Electric Bike Motorcycle

Munrojoy Retro Classic Electric Bicycles Motorcycles

Unique Design

This Munrojoy retro electric bike comes with a unique design and it is white-colored. It is made of aluminum frames that are resistant and strong, and the whole bike weighs 99 pounds.

Munrojoy Retro Classic  500W Electric Bicycle Motorcycle

Powerful Motor

This electric bike moto comes with 500w DC high magnetic powerful motor which ensures a balance of stability and speed. It can reach up to 31mph. The bike has extra-long 11.6ah Samsung battery endurance which is placed in a chrome-plated battery box for its safety and longer life.

Comfort And Flexibility

The bike has a shock-absorbent for more flexibility and comfort. There s also a LED display that allows you to see power saving, speed etc. It is made of high-temperature feature pc material that won’t easily deform the mask of the display. The bike has front headlight that is improving the security when riding in the evening.

Munrojoy Retro Classic  500W Electric Bicycle Motorcycle review

Other Features

The bike is using OSRAM lamp beads and has 2 disc brakes with 4 pistons. The maximum mileage for one charge is 30 miles. The bike has a USB charging port and GPS positioning system.


  • retro design
  • comfortable
  • LED display
  • OSRAM lamp beads

Conclusion: Which Two Electric Bike Motorcycle You Should Buy?

E moto bike is pretty new on the market but is becoming more popular these days. Between listed 3 best electric bike motorcycles, I would recommend the Razor MX650 electric bike. It is a pretty good model considering the price and the fact that it is not a simple street bike, rather a dirt bike version.

If you think this type of an electric bike is not for you, check my other article about the best electric bike for the sale, or if you like more e-bikes that come with some extra space, read this post about the best cargo electric bikes. But, if the type of bike you want is the one with a strong motor, read this article about the best high-power electric bikes.